Are there only Chinese travel agencies in the United States? No American travel agency?

Taiwan is a very convenient place. I do n’t want to worry about traveling. I just need to find a travel agency to solve it. Whether it is local travel in Taiwan or overseas, it can help you solve all the complicated problems, whether it is visas, air tickets, Accommodation, transportation, and itinerary can be handled by a travel agency.

In other words, the situation in Asia is relatively normal. Everyone has the concept of group tours. Free travel has only become popular in recent years. Otherwise, everyone used to join the tour group, but when they have arranged their own airfare, Want to join a local tour group?

Are American travel agencies all opened by Chinese?

I went to the United States many years ago and stayed for a few months, because it was my own past, and I just had a free vacation to use. I thought about whether to find a local travel agency to participate in a simple itinerary, 3 days and 2 nights Or 4 days and 3 nights in the Eastern United States group, I checked a lot of information on the Internet and found a very interesting thing. None of them are local US travel agencies, and all the Chinese travel agencies are found.

But this is understandable. Americans are basically used to driving their own cars or renting a car in another state. The way and idea of ​​travel is very different from Asia. They go abroad to arrange their own airfare, Travel mainly in a free way.

There are basically Chinese travel agencies in Chinatown in every city

This is purely my guess. I ’m not sure if it ’s so common. It ’s just that in several cities in Chinatown I ’ve been to, there are travel agencies that can see Chinese, including Boston, New York, and Seattle. The question, went to Dingding. Someone can speak Chinese with you.

Their schedules are basically the same. They all go to some fixed city attractions. The advantage of this is that you do n’t have to worry. Just follow them, but the time spent driving is not short. This is acceptable. After all, the United States is very Large, the distance from city to city is still quite far. Like Niagara Falls, which is 2 days and 1 night, the journey will take almost a day. It is equivalent to look at the waterfall over there. You will have to return after a short sleep. Is it worth it? It depends on the situation. After all, if your time is limited, and the transportation method can't be solved by yourself, you can consider participating.

For example: Three days and two nights in the east of the United States. Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Boston. USITRIP

The composition of the tour group is very interesting. At first, I thought that they would all be Chinese. In fact, the proportion of Chinese is not large. There are many foreign tourists, such as India and Arab countries. There are really many, and then friends from other countries also have , I think they can find a travel agency to participate.

This kind of tour group departs very early, and returns to the departure place very late. I still remember that when I went out to the meeting place, it was still dark. I took the subway to Chinatown in Boston. When I got on the bus, I slept. From It will take about 10 hours for Boston to go directly to Washington DC. Some of them will rest in the service area and eat Chinese food at their own expense. There will be notifications in the itinerary that they include a few meals, and others need to be processed at their own expense. Accommodations are far from the city center and in the suburbs, so you do n’t want to run out and go to the bath, just take a shower and sleep.

Therefore, the arranged attractions are all must-visit places. Washington DC is the US Capitol, Korean War Memorial, White House, Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, American Space and Aviation Museum, and will pass by Baltimore to see the port. I went to the American Independence Hall and Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. New York was the last day. I did n’t participate in the UN headquarters, the Statue of Liberty cruise ship, Times Square, and other trips that required my own expense, because I did n’t find it interesting.

Like the itinerary of Times Square, it was taken to visit Madame Tussauds wax museum. I ran directly around Times Square myself, which was more interesting, but it was about 5 hours ’drive from New York to Boston. It ’s really not Easy trip, I still remember that I was sleeping except for dinner the next day.

This itinerary is completely a condensed and selected version. It is very compact. You must follow the itinerary completely. As long as the time is delayed, it is a very troublesome thing. You may not see an attraction. You must consider this factor when you join this group. It is suitable for you. In addition, the accommodation is a room for 2 people. If you live alone, you will have to pay extra. They will also have discounts to buy two get one free.

The advantages and disadvantages are actually obvious. It is recommended that you do not drive or do not want to arrange your own itinerary, or you have less time. You can choose to sign up for this tour group, you can find it in every Chinatown, or check it online. Lots of information.

With plenty of time, renting a car and running around is also a good option, but do n’t drive in New York.


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