How to book airlines and hotels in the United States? Priceline website experience

Book a hotel in the United States

If you need to book a flight or hotel in the United States, you have to book by yourself. There is no place like a travel agency to help you deal with it. How to find a solution that suits you, you need to check and compare various platforms., which is common in Taiwan, Both Agoda and Expedia can book hotels in the United States, but I have not used these services in the United States. I only booked accommodation at Priceline and Airbnb, or directly contacted the Chinese hoteliers, and even drove to After a city, directly find Hotel or Motel in the local area.

Book a flight in the United States

For domestic air tickets in the United States, you can also use skyscanner,, Agoda, Expedia to check airline prices, or go to the airline's official website to check. These are all things I did when I was in the United States. Finally, I only booked at Priceline For the itinerary, I suggest that you really need to compare the prices of several homes. Sometimes there will be many surprises.

Priceline experience

According to what I said before, I will find it very strange. I have said that there are so many websites for booking air tickets or accommodation. Why have n’t I used them in the United States? Are they not easy to use in the United States? This is not the case at all, they still have their convenience and different benefits, but they need to spend time to compare, and just when I need to book the itinerary, their ticket prices and accommodation are not as good as Priceline (in fact there are a few All platforms are the same group company as Priceline).

For example, I booked a flight ticket on Priceline and also booked a flight ticket + hotel itinerary. The round-trip flight ticket from Boston to Seattle was not remembered at the time, but even my teacher who had lived in the United States for many years Said the ticket price is very cheap, the other is the 5 days and 4 nights ticket + hotel from Boston to Chicago, which was pitted by our friends, which caused us to pass the purchase time, and we had to take a car to New York to fly to Chicago, or return to Boston directly. , But we stayed at the 4-star Chicago HARD ROCK Hotel, a single flight + hotel is probably less than 550 US dollars.

Airfare + hotel package itinerary, there will be discounted prices from time to time, it is very cost-effective, and even the price will be too exaggerated, but it depends on the time. Some American holidays will be particularly expensive, but some prices will be particularly cheap, still Pay attention to whether you need to buy in advance.

In fact, the most famous service at the beginning of Priceline is Name your own price. This service is for you to make your own price. It is a bit like bidding. There will be a deadline. During this period, everyone can bid, and the highest bidder wins the bid. This is a test of luck and bidding skills. I once met a backpacker for New Year's Eve in New York, but I didn't touch it, but she used Name your own price to bid and got a 12-31 New York five-star hotel. And the price only cost $ 99. Next to Central Park, I was dumbfounded when I heard it. Those who are interested can give it a try, but now this service seems to be only available on the Priceline App. The login on the official website is not available. Can anyone who knows why leave a message and tell me?

It ’s just that I feel pretty good about using Priceline, so in the end I used it mainly in the United States, but I can still compare with each other to see which website is suitable for my usage habits.


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