I opened an account with Bank of America

It ’s just that there is no need to open a bank account when traveling to the United States, otherwise there is an account management fee. It is said that a certain amount is placed in the account. At first, a bank account will be needed in the United States, because it takes about 10 months. A bank account is a necessity, otherwise it will be very inconvenient. It is impossible to run around with a bunch of traveler's checks. Cash is not used very often in the United States. Everyone is used to swiping cards. Therefore, apart from bringing a small amount of cash reserve, most of the time is solved by credit card.

At the time, I was applying for a US student visa. The day after I arrived in the United States, I had my phone number first, and then took my passport and I-20 to open an account with a nearby US bank. Why did I choose Bank of America? I have recently, and it is also one of the top banks in the United States. It is also easy to find its business location in Boston. It is more convenient to deal with when there is a problem.

It may be that I took the student information to open the account. Basically, the process was very smooth, and I did not encounter any problems. The bank clerk also explained patiently and chatted with me briefly. After all, I was still a bit bad when I first went. Fortunately, there is no need for proper nouns, and they are still within the scope that I can understand and understand.

U.S. address, U.S. phone, and Taiwan address are all required. If you want to send money from Taiwan to a U.S. account, remember to request SWIFT Code, which is required for international remittance

There are two main accounts, Checking account and Saving account.

Bank of America Checking account

Checking account Chinese can be called a checking account. This is an account that will be opened. This account has no interest. It is used for the current amount. Whether it is to write a Debit Card or write a check, it is paid from this account, so everyone will open this Account, you will be given a temporary Debit Card when you open the account. You will receive an official card in about a week, so you do n’t have to worry about using the card after opening the account.

The check will not be provided on the spot, it will be sent to the US address provided, it will be received slightly later than the Debit Card, and it should be noted that the check is not free, remember the bank staff said that the first check book is free, It costs money to purchase later, but I didn't run out of the first one.

Bank of America Saving account

This account is a savings account. Unlike the checking account, this account has interest. Of course, the interest is not high now. Unless you put a lot of money, we are only from poor students. The money in this account cannot be used directly, but can be used Go to Checking account, if there is no money in Checking account, you can transfer in, or transfer from Checking account to Saving account.

At the beginning, I divided the traveler ’s cheques brought to the United States into two parts, most of which were placed in the Saving account. The ones I usually use are placed in the Checking account, which is also convenient for my own management and will not be excessively spent. Card can not be brushed.

Bank of America is required to pay account management fees. Each bank has different conditions and restrictions. At the beginning, it was 1500 dollars in the account. You do n’t need to pay 12 dollars per month. It is best to confirm the amount with the bank.

Bank of America Debit Card

It is the same as the Visa debit card in Taiwan. The card will be attached with the Visa logo. The card can be withdrawn at the ATM, swiped at the store or shopped online. It is very convenient. This is also why I did not have a US bank credit card. The reason is not necessary. Anyway, Debit Card can be used for anything except for overdraft. Bank of America Debit Card can also be used in Canada.

Therefore, all Debit Cards are used for consumption outside, and the tip to be paid for eating in the restaurant can also be paid directly from the card, or it can be paid in cash.

Bank of America cheque

There are really not many opportunities to use in Asia. At least for the average person, if I went to the US and opened an account, I was given a cheque book, otherwise I do n’t know when I have the opportunity to write a cheque. Cheques are very simple and not complicated at all. Just write the date, the account name of the other party, the amount, the purpose of the remarks, and the signature. It is so simple, but for the first time, it is very interesting to ask an American teacher to teach me to write a cheque.

What if I receive a check? How do I deposit it in the bank? It's also very simple, just go directly to the ATM. You don't have to go to the bank counter. It feels a bit like depositing cash. Put the check in the ATM and you can deposit it in your account.

Before I finished my study course and planned to leave the United States and return to Taiwan, I went to Bank of America to close my account and cancel it. After all, I do n’t know if I will use it next time. At that time, it is also very troublesome not to pay attention to the influence of credit by being reversed.


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