In the past, accompanied by countless reading nights ~ UFO radio Guangyu's nightlight family!

Reading is a very lonely time. This reading is not a kind of reading without thinking, but a kind of reading in the student years for reading for exams. I believe many people have this experience, especially the Taiwanese system. Basically Reading a book and seeing that it is late or the homework is about to collapse, and it happens often, is really a torment for people who do n’t like reading.

Looking at family members who are asleep, or imagining that others are sleeping, and they are still sitting in uncomfortable chairs, in front of the desk, a desk lamp and dim night light on the desk, in countless nights My partner, there is a touch of sadness that will suddenly come to my heart, why should I live like this?

In my young and young age, radio was still very popular. Audio tapes were on the verge of phasing out. CDs gradually replaced audio tapes. Each recorder carries all these functions. It can be said to be the most popular electronic product at that time. Reading with music is almost the reason why I can persevere. Otherwise, such a boring night really does not know how to spend it.

Turn on the radio and turn the knob. One channel after another has passed. There are no channels of interest except for music genres. After all, it is so late. Where do you want to listen to people and get distracted? Just like this It was past with music, until one day I heard the book mentioned by Guang Yu from my family. When I finished reading one of his books, I really started to listen to his radio program, and his broadcast time was so suitable for me. Remember that the Luminous Family was 23: 00 ~ 1: 00, from the last hour of the day to the first hour of the new day.

His voice has a magical power that will make you wonder if you do n’t want to listen, it ’s soft and not harsh, sometimes it ’s my lullaby, the content of the show is very diverse, there are stars to promote the album, or discuss some emotions There are also singing competitions on the radio, which are very diverse and interesting, and there are laughter, pain, and tears, which can touch people's hearts.

To be honest, sometimes in order to listen to the radio, some nights cause me to delay my reading progress. As a result, I get late and get up, and it is very difficult to get up the next day, not to mention being late is my strength, but there is a kind of night companion. It feels like everyone is doing something they haven't done at this time, or thinking about life and living a difficult day.

I have been with me for many years. It wasn't until I left Taiwan that I stopped listening to his broadcast, but I never forgot that this broadcaster who accompanied me for countless nights, the loving luminous family, everyone will share his life with him The happiness and sorrow are sad, and he will share his story and comfort to encourage people.


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