Memories of Final Fantasy VII in the PlayStation era

Have you ever played PlayStation?

If you have played PlayStation, you are really a bit old, haha! This is a game model that is easy to expose the age. At that time, you can play video game consoles. Basically, the conditions at home should be pretty good, and parents should agree to buy it for you to play. Children who play games will say that playing games is a waste of time. It is better to study harder to have a future. Is this paragraph very empathetic? Now parents are much more open.

PlayStation is not the first video game console I have contacted, but it is not in good condition at home. It is all run to classmates ’homes or sent by relatives. PlayStation is my first video game console that I secretly saved money to buy. I really want to save money in order to play the Final Fantasy series.

Don't sleep in the middle of the night and sneak up to play Final Fantasy VII!

I haven't had a chance to play Final Fantasy VII's previous series, but I have heard the name of Final Fantasy series. It's a pity, after all, there are still classics that I haven't played.

One day when I saw him playing Final Fantasy VII at a classmate's house, I was determined to buy a PlayStation. At that time, its pictures and its actions were really fascinating and could not be forgotten, which caused me to secretly save Money, the PlayStation bought without the family's knowledge, of course, was later found.

The first game I bought was Final Fantasy VII. Every day I missed it was to play Final Fantasy VII. I had to break through the stage to get to the end. At that time, there were cheat books. I could n’t understand Japanese and English. Sleeping at night While my parents were sleeping and closing the door, they secretly climbed up, connected to the TV set, played Final Fantasy VII, and paid attention to the sound while playing. It could not be found. It is still very exciting to think about now.

In addition to secretly playing the game in the middle of the night, it is to play when no one is at home. Under this situation, Final Fantasy VII is cleared. It is for its perseverance and patience.

Its content screen and operability were very high at the time, and the storytelling was also very attractive. It is a classic Final Fantasy generation. Until now, everyone can not forget the version of Final Fantasy, otherwise it will not have the current emphasis. The version is set, the current picture is far more than that of Final Fantasy VII, but there is a feeling that I ca n’t forget. It reminds me of the past, not only the dispute with the classmates, or the fight with the family, Very interesting.

I ’m not a game fanatic. In general, a game is played for a short time and will not be played from beginning to end. Final Fantasy VII is my first game to play customs clearance. Of course, there is Final Fantasy VIII behind, so it ’s more I am deeply impressed. The classics will not be out of fashion even after so long.


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