Taipei Yangmingshan.Fengsheng old shop ~ handmade yam small steamed bread

Came to Lane 42, Pingjing Street,
After reading the cherry blossoms and preparing to leave,
The family suddenly remembered 
the small steamed bread seen on the road,
And it is still a yam steamed bread,
I want to buy it and give it a try.

That's what my dad likes to eat steamed bread,
Otherwise, small buns can't really wake up my memory.

Fengsheng Old Shop seems to be the ancestor of 
Yangmingshan handmade small steamed bread!
I have been to Yangmingshan so many times 
and I don’t know that  is so famous.

I originally thought it was to sell handmade small steamed bread,
Some agricultural products are also sold,
It should be grown locally in Yangmingshan.

Yam can be said to be the signature here,
Whether it is made into dishes or made into yam steamed bread,
Can see its figure,
I bought one and tried the taste at home,
It tastes different from other yam producing areas,
Feel ordinary.

Go inside and there is a dining area,
Apart from the shop in front,
Inside is the restaurant,
We are not dining here,
I do n’t know if it ’s delicious.

The environment is well arranged,
Next to it looks like their home,
There is also a large garden.

This steamed bread is really ugly,
Worthy of the name given to them.

You can buy steamed bread on the spot,
You can also take it out and steam it like we do,
A small steamed bread is about to eat in two bite.

According to the most research on steamed bread in our family,
The most critical person said,
He thought the small steamed bread were ordinary.

I do n’t particularly want to buy again,
Maybe just eat it once.

It may not be so tasteful for our family!

It ’s purely personal, everyone ’s preferences are different,
  What suits me may not suit you.

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