The Big Bang Theory classic sitcom-re-watching it several times without getting bored

The Big Bang Theory has a variety of Chinese translations. Although these names don’t seem to be so appropriate, this is not the point. The point is that it’s pretty and funny. It’s one of the few sitcoms I can see from the beginning. Replayed American drama.

Each character's setting and image performance are very specific and profound, and the character style is very clear. From the original 5 main characters to the back, it has been increased to 7, there is not much conflict in the connection, and it is well integrated into the original content. Interaction, although I once felt that the two girls who joined later were not so positive, but compared with the plot, they can also slightly understand why the role is chosen in this way (seeing that Zhengmei is a man's nature).

Broadcasting date: September 24, 2007-May 16, 2019. A total of twelve seasons!
In addition to less than 20 episodes in the first season, the episodes in each season are about 23~24 episodes, and each episode is about 20 minutes. This kind of situation comedy is actually not a few, there are many other It can be recommended, but I haven’t finished it completely. The advantage of this sitcom is that it’s relatively short. You don’t have to spend 40~45 minutes on traditional American drama. You can watch it during a meal or a break. It's very convenient, and it's also very relaxing.

Remember when I was in college, when I was bored in learning, I opened the Big Bang Theory to release the boredom of reading, but also shifted my focus and eased my emotions. After all, it is very difficult to watch the Big Bang Theory without being laughed at, but it is used inside. After learning a lot of scientific terms, I didn’t understand a few. How did these actors memorize it? It’s really exaggerated. Every time I hear them say a lot of scientific words, I feel like tongue twisters, even if I don’t understand science. , Does not hinder watching this episode.

Although these science houses live in their world, they sometimes seem to be out of tune with other people, but from a different perspective, this is not a happy thing, they can still meet people who can understand them, can have such A group of good friends is really not easy. Shelton is also growing up and changing his behavior. He can feel the emotions of others and understand the goodness of others, even if they have so many different personalities and different The different races and different cultural habits can still tolerate each other and develop a communication model.

This drama has accompanied me for twelve years, and every year has not interrupted watching the big bang of life, not the way of watching several seasons at a time. It is incredible to think about it. I have chased this drama for twelve years. It’s not that it’s been with me for twelve years, bringing me laughter and helping me get rid of the dull atmosphere. Sometimes the plot is very boring or there are some, but overall, the big bang of life is a classic for me American drama, when it ended, I was still very sad, but it also had a good ending, it was still very gratifying, and there was no final end.

I’ll find out when I’m free recently. If you’re interested, I also recommend it. But it’s unclear whether it suits your taste.


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