Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.10-Have you ever seen a dog eating grass?

Knowing that dogs are greedy,
I have also seen vegetarian dogs,
I have seen cats eating cat grass,
But I have not seen a dog eating grass.

What did it think?
Every day Xiaobao will be taken to the field,
Accompanying aunt and uncle to tidy the field,
Don't fix Xiaobao's rope,
I don't know what it will find in the next second.

Eating grass in their own fields,
It also eats to forget that it is a dog,
How greedy is it?

There is no pesticide in his own field,
Or other chemicals,
Are all natural fertilizers,
So Xiaobao is relatively safe in his own field,
Just eat some grass occasionally.

The worry is that it eats everything,
I ca n’t tell what I can eat or not,
It's a bit scary,
I don't know what to eat.

Not even tied up Xiaobao,
It will run to the fields of others next door,
The other party has sprayed pesticides or potions.

I still have to educate Xiaobao,
To be able to control it and not eat anything.


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