Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.11-One of Xiaobao's favorite dolls

Is there a thing that accompanies you when you grew up,
Quilts, pillows, handkerchiefs, dolls,
When they were young, they might look big,
When they grow up, they all become smaller,
But that feeling will not change,
Even some people will feel insecure without it,
I ca n’t sleep without it,
No matter where you are, 
even if you go abroad, take it with you.


Xiaobao also has a favorite doll,
Actually there are two dolls,
different color,
Xiaobao likes to play with them,
Will hold it, or bite them,
Otherwise, just take back to your nest,
Sleep with Xiaobao.

You play throwing and picking games with Xiaobao,
Xiaobao won't mind,
I'm still very excited to chase it back,
I just don't know why Xiaobao likes this doll so much?

It ’s also cute to just look at this doll,
Now they are all made dirty by Xiaobao,
All of the above are Xiaobao's saliva.

Hope Xiaobao needs attention,
Do n’t bite the doll yourself,
Ordinary molars bite bones or molar sticks!


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