Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.12-Xiaobao has no energy and tired to fall to the ground

Xiao Bao, who is usually physically strong,
Unless no one really plays with it,
When I was bored again,
To stay on his stomach,
Stay obediently,
Otherwise you will see it running around,
Once here and there,
can not stop.

I always feel that Xiaobao's physical strength is inexhaustible,
Before consuming Xiaobao's physical strength,
We can't stand it,
First physical strength.

But this also depends on people,
Bad physical means me,
Relatives at grandpa's house,
But everyone is better than me,
Only they have the ability to practice Xiaobao.


They took Xiaobao out for a run without knowing how many laps,
Finally consumed Guang Xiaobao's physical strength,
This scene only came back,
Xiaobao was tired and paralyzed directly on the ground,
Into dreamland,
There is no response when approaching Xiaobao,
This is the first time I saw it,
The family who saw this picture laughed.

Since Xiaobao arrived at grandpa's house,
I have never seen it before,
Fortunately, it is in the country,
There is enough room for it to be so free,
Not so depressed.


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