Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.13-Explore new world

Xiaobao usually has a fixed range of activities,
Most of my outings are also near my grandfather ’s house,
They are busy, they do n’t have time to take it too far,
The experience of riding a car is also 
going to the hospital for examination.

The advantage is that Xiaobao should be familiar with this area,
It ’s common to everyone,
So there is less problem,
After all, in a small village,
There are so many people and they can take care of each other.

But as Xiaobao grew up,
Still need to touch more places,
Open up a worldview like people,
It is also helpful to stabilize Xiaobao's personality.


Xiaobao was very excited when she arrived at a new place,
Happy smiling ~ The tail has been swaying wildly,
Then start its exploration,
Smell here and smell there.


How does it feel different from usual?
It smells like flowers,
It seems fragrant.

There is a small pond next to it,
Are there fish in it?
I dare not go down to play with water,
What should I do if I want to play with them?

I must learn to swim well,
Next time go down and play with them.


Will we come again next time?
It's quite interesting here,
It's something I haven't seen.

Where else would you go for fun?
Remember to bring me together.


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