Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.9-Looking for a cool place, will climb the table!

It ’s not uncommon for cats to climb onto the table,
But dogs are a bit strange when they climb onto the table!

It ’s understandable that the puppy climbed on the table,
Not so weird, although the legs may be short,
But the big dog thinks something is wrong when he climbs up.

Although Xiaobao is only 6 months old, it is a Labrador.
The size has not reached the largest adult dog,
Now it ’s not that small,
Just like this, Xiao Bao climbed onto the table?

Even if you have seen cats jumping on the table 
in the small garden at home,
But would you learn this from others?

Do n’t feel that cats can do what you can!
There is still a difference between cats and dogs.

I was surprised when I climbed the table,
I ran to find a cool place myself,
On top of the big glass piece,
That piece was eliminated from the previous dining table,
It's too smart!

How do you know if the temperature of the top 
and the wood will be used?

It ’s comfortable enough to lie on it,
The whole picture was filled by Xiaobao,
Sleeping is so enjoyable,
This time it was an angel,
There will be no destruction everywhere.


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