Beitou Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Education Park,There are Hiking trail and camping areas.

I am very new to Guizikeng, and it is also fate to be here. The original goal was Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park. Later I was curious where the road going to the mountain was. I asked the local residents and just finished at Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park. You can reach Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Education Park in less than 5 minutes by car.
When I see this name, I feel like it will be a bit boring. It feels like a place that will be pulled to visit when I was a student, telling you how to protect the environment, but when you come, just go walking.

Everyone knows that walking up this ladder is another world!

Stepping on the top of the stairs, the scenery comes into view. There are mountains, water and woods. This place is too beautiful. At this time, I feel that this trip is worthwhile. It takes a lot of efforts to maintain the environment to show such a style.

As long as you don't stand under the sun, it's cooler to find a shade.

If you are interested in understanding the academic aspects of Guizikeng soil and water conservation, you can apply for commentary on the official website,Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Education Park Service Online Bid

There is also a camping area that can be used ~ also apply online.
Online application link for Guizikeng Campground in Beitou District
Camping here should be very comfortable, you can walk by the small lake,
There is also a large lawn, which is very close to the city.

There is a trail along the mountain wall, but you should pay attention to whether there will be falling stones on rainy days. There are many birds or small animals such as squirrels on the trees next to it. It feels like being close to nature. It's quite comfortable, the environment is very good, if you have the opportunity, you can come here and take a day trip to Beitou!

Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Education Park
Address: No.161 Xiushan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City
Phone: (02) 2893-2324

How to get there:

Driving by yourself:

Turn over Daoxiang Road from the 2nd and 3rd sections of Central North Road, Beitou District, Taipei City. Follow the signs to Xiushan Road to the gate of the park. There is a parking lot at the gate.

By bus or passenger transport:

Please take 216, 216, 218, 218 straight, 218, 223, 602, Chengde main line to Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Park Station and get off.(02)2893-2324


Get off at Xinbeitou Station of MRT Danshui Line, then take the bus to Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Park Station and walk for 15 minutes to the gate of the park.

It’s purely personal, everyone’s preferences are different,
What suits me may not suit you.


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