Cherish food and don't waste food.

I remember hearing adults say, don’t waste food. Farmers grow vegetables and rice very hard. Many people should have this experience. Part of the reason is that adults want you to finish eating, worrying you are hungry, and the other part is really What I want is not to waste it. At that time, I didn’t think it was a waste of food. I didn’t want to eat it or couldn’t eat it. The latter was wiped out by adults.

After a while, I changed another saying. Don’t waste food. Think about the fact that children in Africa have no food to eat. If you don’t cherish the food, you should try to make you hungry for a few days. See if you will Don’t skip meals, which sounds like a lot of pressure, although the meaning is understandable.

I didn’t eat or waste food, and it happened in my past. This premise is that the food is edible and delicious, but it is eventually thrown away. After all, the food is really not tasty, and there is really no way. After eating, I went to study abroad alone. Instead, I began to change my mind. The previous indifferent attitude to food, the idea of ​​eating as soon as I wanted to eat, and throwing away if I didn’t, gradually thought that it was wrong, especially when I saw After they are thrown away as garbage, they feel like a little waste.

Starting from the idea of ​​cherishing food, basically whether you cook it yourself or eat out, you always insist on ordering enough food. Don’t order too much at once. If you don’t eat enough, add more food, although many seem to be very I want to eat, but I can only eat a few bites and can’t eat it, so why not? Next time, I have the opportunity to try its taste. Don’t rush, I sometimes go out to eat with friends, and I suggest that they order the right amount. Add more food after the other is not enough.

Now when I throw away the garbage, I will throw away the food waste. When I see a pile of food being thrown away, it feels a pity that every family no matter how much they throw away, they accumulate a large amount, especially outside. In order to supply the best dishes to guests, many of the unsightly parts are also discarded, and then plus the guests can’t finish, it is really a lot of food wasted.

Another time I went back to the country and was caught by an adult to help in the farmland. After the experience, there was only one idea. The farmer was really too tired. There are so many things to take care of beyond imagination. In the city, unlike the countryside, you can reuse food waste and use it as compost for the field.

Now my adults sometimes don’t like to eat overnight food, so I ended up eating it, and the nutritional value is a little lost, but I just think it’s a waste to throw away, so every time I try to eat every meal Try to finish the meal as much as possible, it is best to cook the appropriate portion, so that you can control the diet a little bit, otherwise most people now do not have to worry about eating too little, because they eat too much and become fat.

Cherish food and don't waste food, so that the earth can breathe.


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