Childhood Memories | The first time learning to eat steak with knife and fork

How to use chopsticks is a skill we have learned since childhood. Next time, let me think about how to learn how to use chopsticks. Knives and forks are not the skills we will learn. Although eating steak or western cuisine is now common In the past, it was not like this. Eating western food is a very luxurious enjoyment. It is a big thing to eat steak when I was young. Basically, I don’t have expectations. As long as I can eat out, I’m satisfied. It's getting better and better.

I still remember the first time I was taken to a steak restaurant by my parents. It was the first time I ate a steak. I saw the steak on the iron plate for the first time, not to mention the tableware, knives and forks I hadn’t seen before. It was very strange. , Want to talk about how to eat with these utensils? There are a lot of question marks on his head, looking at my parents with suspicious eyes, can I use it without chopsticks? How to use a knife and fork to eat?

At that time, it should be elementary school. My parents took me to the steak shop. I forgot whether there was a special celebration. I just remember that they wanted to teach me how to use a knife and fork to eat steak, so that I would use these utensils in the future. Eating western food, I still remember that they let me watch how they use it, explaining the usage step by step, and then teaching me how to use it by hand, which hand uses a knife to cut the meat and which hand uses a fork to fix the meat. In order to facilitate the cutting of meat with a knife, it is more convenient to cut meat from the left or the right. How to eat meat with a fork after cutting the meat, and the knowledge about eating Western food, this is my first experience of learning to use a knife and fork.

It’s a feeling that I can remember until now, it’s really worth remembering, whether it’s when my parents taught me how to use it, or when I ate steak for the first time, until now I’ve grown up and I think back to some childhood things. , Sensual.

The original location, the steak shop, is still operating the steak shop, but I don’t know if it’s not the old owner. Of course, it has been refurbished. The outside kitchen has not changed much. Orders are made and delivered to the guests. I used to look outside to see how they make meals. The iron plate heated on the fire, the iron plate is fried with meat, and the iron plate noodles and an egg are combined on the hot iron plate. The top is covered with an iron cover and sent to the guests to open. Open a napkin to cover the soup splashed by high temperature to avoid spraying on clothes and burns. This time is the most tormented. I want to put down the napkin and eat meat. , When I was really able to eat, I was stared at for fear that you would burn yourself.


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