Go hiking on foot-Liu Youcheng Magician

There are many ways to travel, driving, transporting, cycling, and walking by yourself, the comfort of travel is completely different. For travel, everyone has their own ideas and pursuits, whether you want to relax or work harder 2. Look more at different scenery. There is no one correct answer. As long as it suits you, it is good and makes you happy.

Last year, my family went to Yipin Bookstore to listen to a lecture. I was very interested in the content of the lecture. After receiving the lecture information again this year, I immediately signed up for it and brought me by the way until the destination, in fact I don’t even know what kind of lecture it is, but what I’m talking about, but when I see a seated audience, there is a keynote speaker who doesn’t follow the rules (just chat with the audience before the start time). It's a bit anticipating.

The speaker is a magician. He used a variety of ways to circle the island in Taiwan, including the inline wheel (did you believe it?). He once went to Australia to work and vacation, and it was also an opportunity to start his hiking trip at that time. A Hong Kong friend opened his Crazy thought, walking from Melbourne to Sydney 1300KM, 43 days, this is his first hiking trip.

The second time was in China, from Shanghai to Tibet, the journey 5000+KM, 10 months, spent 12000RMB, this journey is not a straight distance, the winding is all around, but this is In order to do what he can do, he shared his experience with more people and purposefully walked a long way. Those who do not know the reason will definitely think that they are crazy again, so they can’t just look at it. Judging a person's thoughts on the surface, and don't influence their own thoughts because of other people's misunderstandings. After all, they cannot have you understand yourself.

The third time was also in China. The original plan was to travel from Hebei to Portugal. It is estimated that it will take 3 years, but in the event of an epidemic, only Zhangye will return to Taiwan in advance, and it will take about 10 months. Waiting for the end of the epidemic to complete his trip.

【Think about it, don’t do it, do it, unexpected】

Just hearing this experience will definitely make people admire him, no matter how courageous, or how to persevere, when thinking about yourself, you will certainly feel that you can’t do it, and draw a frame limit. Of course, this premise is of interest in this matter, but you can't take that step, otherwise let alone mention the rest.

So when you have any ideas, just do it first, at least try it anyway, and the final result may also be unimaginable.

【Not all who wonder are lost】

Only you know yourself, others do not necessarily understand you, and the choices you make may not be understood by others. What you do may be strange in the eyes of others and cannot be recognized by others, but they are not you and cannot understand Your thoughts and motives, so you have to respect others, first understand and then say, give more support, not want to obliterate, how do you know how he will become after he does it?

The scenery that can be seen on the road during hiking is completely different. Sometimes in order to hurry, in fact, many scenery is missed, and people and things do not have a good experience. Liu Youcheng did what he wanted to do, and encouraged everyone to do it. What he wants to do, so his lecture is not only to share his hiking experience, but also in the process, the feelings and touches he gets are a sharing with the chicken soup of the soul, whether you are for Interested in traveling to listen to the lecture, or to understand why he did this to listen to the lecture, you can gain something.


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