Is the quality after drinking like human quality?

Some people say that when you look at a person, you know from drinking. It looks real after drinking. You can disguise when you are awake, but after drinking, you are affected by alcohol and people are relaxed. At this time, the performance is the real side of a person. The famous quote [Drinking Mantra], these are the summary of past people's experience.

The quality of the drink and the quality of the person is a very interesting thing. A good quality does not necessarily mean a good quality after a drink. A person who has a poor quality after a drink does not necessarily have a bad quality, only the quality of the drink. It can be used as a reference, why there is such a difference, because people are actually very depressed, many people rely on drinking to relax their moods, especially those who are close to themselves, and even more unexpected occasions. It is understandable, of course, the premise of this is because you are probably already familiar with this person.

Is it true that if you drink alcohol, you will borrow wine to pretend to be crazy. This will definitely happen. Use drinking as an excuse to avoid what it does. This is that the quality of the drink is not good. The quality of people is not good, right? Alcohol can make people drunk, but I really don’t know what I did and I really drank a lot, before I might forget what I did. I still have encountered this before, and I forgot to the end. What should happen to this kind of person should be very depressed? And most people actually know what they are doing, and they will keep an impression.

This way of testing by drinking alcohol, unless you are really experienced, or nobody should be able to make a complete judgment, things are not absolute, they are all combined in various aspects, under the current social environment, we must use One way to see a person clearly is really not that easy.

Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health. In fact, there is no need to get drunk. Generally, you can only see the quality of drinking after being drunk, otherwise the spirit can still be controlled by yourself, and you will not make it. It is meaningless to regret something. It’s meaningless to be embarrassed when you wake up. No matter what you do, you should be modest. It is better to be yourself when you are sober. It is reassuring to you. Why do you need to test in this way.

The quality of the drink has a variety of performances, and sometimes it is interesting to listen to it, but I hope that it will not be encountered by myself.


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