Korea tvN Great escape,It's a large room escape program.

Escape room is a popular entertainment activity in recent years. Many people like it and are interested. Unlike other games, whether it is a board game or a video game, it does not bring people so much immersion and experience. Escape is different from other games, you are involved in it. Especially in the situation where the current environment layout and storyline are better than in the past, the experience after being integrated into the game is very different and very exciting. The time limit must be escaped within a certain period of time. The urgency and pressure of time, plus the need to use brains to solve the mystery, this is even more addictive to the people you like. Playing a room escape is also very physical.

Um~ I'm not a fan of room escape, nor have I played room escape, and I'm not so interested, haha.

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Korean variety show tvN Great escape 대탈출

The variety show launched by tvN in South Korea in 2018 attracted my attention. Even if I don’t play, I can feel the escape of the secret room through this show, even if it is bigger and more luxurious and more real. The story structure and continuity is beyond imagination. When you think a story is about to end, it may be just the beginning. After a few episodes, it will be coherent. You have to admire their screenwriter plan. With such a design, a mystery must be set up for the performer to solve.

Generally, the two-episode program is a story, and it is also a content that escaped from the secret room. At first, I was not so interested in this program. At the beginning, the performers were a little rusty. It made me feel that I just performed according to the script, and then gradually got better. Both the richness of the content and the integrity of the story have improved a lot, and there are many different types of story content. To solve the mystery, in order to escape, of course, it is inevitable that it is a variety show, and some parts still have a feeling of acting and time.

Sometimes they admire these performers, how can they find the answer? How can I continue to stick to this game, after all, some stories are still terrible and disgusting, people are terrified when they watch it, and they are very real in terms of TV shows. Scared to death.

It has been released for three seasons, and it is broadcast every year for 2~3 months. There is no fixed season. To know if there is any update, you can only pay attention to the news at any time. If you like this type of game and don’t want to escape to the secret room by yourself, you can check out this show. Every time I feel that Korea really dare to spend money to make these shows.


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