Korean variety show recommendation, people forget time and happy time

Recommend several Korean variety shows that have been watched to ease the change of mood when the mood is low or boring.

1.我獨自生活(韓語:나 혼자 산다, 英語:I Live Alone

The show mainly presents the individual daily lives of Korean artists. Each performer is single and lives independently. It allows the audience to see the appearance in private, which is completely different from the usual feeling on TV. It was a show with a sense of distance that I realized that the daily life of the artists is actually no different from that of the public, and they can understand the personal charm of these artists from another angle.

2.我家的熊孩子(韓語:미운 우리 새끼

It's a bit similar to my life alone. They are single artists, and they all show the private lives of the artists. However, a part of these artists are married. However, it is interesting that their mothers also participated in the recording of the program, because their reactions are also very Interesting, worrying about when their entertainer son and daughter can get married.

3.同床異夢2 - 你是我的命運》(韓語:동상이몽 2 - 너는 내 운명

Marriage-related content, what problems do married couples have in their daily lives, how do they get along, and what will happen in general, you can see a program where artists and couples get along, although they still feel the effect of doing the program , But the lifestyle of couples is also very interesting, but I don’t see every couple. 

4.《一日三餐》(韓語:삼시세끼/三時세끼,坊間又譯「三時三餐」;英語:Three Meals a Day)

After the stars are sent to the countryside or fishing village, how to solve the problem of three meals a day, there is a healing program, but I just want to see how they live in the rural fishing village, and I don’t want to try it at all. The original program There is also a need for celebrities to grow crops to pay off debts in exchange for food, but these male celebrities all unexpectedly cook, which is very powerful.

5.《大逃出》(韓語:대탈출 Daetalchul,英語:Great Escape

A large-scale room escape program is a very brain-burning program. Of course, the performers are very brain-burning. They also need to overcome the mystery of the fear and enlarge the room escape game. Whether it is large-scale or story-like, it is more traditional than traditional. The scenes of the room escape game are huge, and they did not expect that they can do the story coherently well. Those who do not play the room escape will find it very interesting. 

6.《玩什麼好呢?》(韓語:놀면 뭐하니?,英語:Hangout With Yoo)

Liu Zaixi is the only host. All the content of the show is mainly by him. The positioning at the beginning of the show is not very clear, so it is slightly boring. Later, Liu Zaixi did a variety of different careers, whether it was to let him sing, drum, harp, etc. Waiting, he can completely give him the task. This show is a bit like adjusting Liu Zaixi, but he has developed many of his abilities. It is really not easy for an artist to make this look. It is really an all-round artist!

These shows are the ones I still watch now. Some of them have been abandoned by me. For example, Running Man feels that it is not as interesting as before, so I can continue to chase down. There are not many shows. The next show What could it be?


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