The grocery store in the past is equal to the current convenience store. Good memories of childhood!

I don’t know when the grocery store appeared. Its disappearance was when the convenience store became popular. Do you say that the convenience store is not good now? That's impossible. Convenience stores are almost omnipotent. Almost everything can be done inside. Eating and drinking, simple household supplies, or paying fees, cafe functions, there is no one that convenience stores do not have. .

But these are the functions that the grocery store does not have, so it was slowly eliminated. It can’t keep up with the current trend. Everyone hopes to solve most of the problems in one place, but as long as they have passed the age of the grocery store, You should never forget the memories of the grocery store, especially the childhood memories.

Why do you say that? grocery store is a paradise for children, there are fun and delicious, these two can make children can not live without its existence, but parents can go around and walk around, if not pass It’s that as long as you pass the grocery store, no child wouldn’t want to go in, or begged my parents to say they would go inside to play, but it’s a paradise, there are a lot of junk food but it’s so delicious, there are so many bad toys It's so fun, the price seems to be really not expensive now, but for parents it is a waste of money and unhealthy.

Especially in the grocery store in the country, it will be more humane and know each other. The children of which family you know will accidentally be accused and ran to the store to play again. Of course I used to sneak in when I was a kid. Buy snacks and toys, and hide them when you take them home. The feeling is excitement and excitement. When you can’t eat, you will be caught and ask if you are stealing snacks again.

Occasionally, the owner of the grocery store also gives a little snack to grab the hearts of the children and meet up with the friends. The good place is the grocery store, which is a place that no one does not know. Of course, it must be caught by adults. It becomes very easy, but this is a kind of fun.

Although it is now replaced by a convenience store, it has not been seen in Taipei. In fact, its disappearance is understandable. After all, it cannot be compared with the current convenience store. It does not have so much functionality and convenience. Can only be kept in memory.


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