SLAM DUNK- childhood memories, people who have not seen it have no childhood.

Recently I talked to my brother about the newly listed slam dunk master mobile game. I can see advertisements or YouTube videos everywhere. I am curious whether it is really so fun. After all, this comic can be said to be a childhood memory. I don’t want it. The psychological impression is destroyed, and many of them will lose their original taste after being adapted, especially this is a big historical work, and there is only one comic that you will not know if you read the comic.

So I really did a lot of homework before I went to play, but it wasn’t to say that the game was fun or not, and because it reminded me of the memories of the past and the slam dunk, I have to be cautious in reading manga in the past, which is considered by adults This is a bad thing, especially children will be affected and damaged. If you don’t read well and read some comics, that’s what the old adults thought.

The more this is, the more people want to read comics. I am one of them, either sneaking to buy comics, sneaking to a comic store to read comics, and having the experience of being caught back.

The slam dunk is a comic I chased at the beginning. In my opinion, it is an inspirational comic and a cruel realistic comic. This was the reason that I did not think about it at the time. I just thought that the content was good. It was still a rare sport. Type, I was attracted after watching a few episodes, Rukawa Feng was really handsome, and also asked my family to buy a Rukawa Feng T-shirt.

Later, when I look back a little bigger, I have a different feeling. Sakuragi is a kind of inspirational role, from not knowing basketball to practicing hard for basketball, spending time for the team to exercise, and regretting for losing, Rukawa Feng ability Very strong but very self-centered, in which is a society where all kinds of people are gathered together, how to integrate, how to tolerate and how to move forward for the purpose.

The role setting is good, the storyline is not good, and the perfect ending is not completely pursued. It is a little regretful, but there are more opportunities for growth. In fact, there are many ways to interpret the slam dunk, and everyone’s views will be different. .

Abandoning those possible meanings and simply enjoying a classic comic is a later idea. It can bring me happiness, especially when I am under stress, it is a good relief content, there are many very good Comics, but few can replace its status, and because it is made into a game, it has once again brought me into the field of vision, remembering the past time and its existence, classics will become more classic with the accumulation of time, talent It reflects its value in people's eyes. After a long time, some people will want to adapt it, and it can attract so many people to play. It is really amazing.


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