Taipei Beitou Park-The first visit, a park famous for Pokemon Go.

When Pokemon Go first became popular a few years ago, everyone searched for places to catch Pokemon, just to catch a little more rare Pokemon. One of the craziest places at the time was Beitou Park, which had been on the board for a few days. After the news, even the crowds flooded the entire area, only then did I know the existence of Beitou Park (I haven't been to Beitou for almost ten years).

Because of this, when thinking of Beitou Park, I thought of Pokemon Go. Instead of thinking of the most famous hot spring, it is quite funny. It was brought to fame by a game. No one should be able to think of this result, which is too dramatic.

But it also brought a lot of people, different ages, and alternative marketing effects are also good, otherwise young people generally do not go to Beitou? It was only me who ran lazily to Beitou.

I also came to Beitou Park with the idea of a pilgrimage. I would never admit that I came to Beitou for hot springs. I found out that Beitou Park is here. Standing here is a little unrealistic, and it is very different from the picture seen on TV. If you don’t know it, you won’t recognize it. You’re kidding.

Going straight in this direction is the Beitou Market, which can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot.

There is a pavilion where you can rest and avoid the sun. There are a lot of shades nearby. Although the hot spring area is nearby, it is not too hot here. However, the area of the park is not very large. It is different from the expected size. .

Water vapor will come out in the middle of this pool. People passing by will stop and look at it. I am no exception. I am still wondering if this is the smoke from the nearby hot springs. Could anyone tell me? I smelled the smell there for a long time and was unsure. The feeling is that the hot springs are interesting, and this area cannot be let down.

My mom is now Pokemon Go. I can imagine what she was doing when she arrived at this place. She really did not stop grabbing treasure. She was in Pokemon Go all the time. Going up is the Xinbeitou hot spring area, with large and small hot spring hotels, as well as other sightseeing spots.Including Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Beitou Library, Geothermal Valley, Visitor Center and more!


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