There is a line in my heart when drinking, knowing that I will get drunk.

People who drink and people who don’t drink have different feelings about alcohol. At least I don’t know how people who don’t drink feel. I can drink some alcohol on the days when I have an impression, although many skills can be exercised. But, in fact, you don't have to force yourself to exercise and drink alcohol. After all, drinking can hurt your body. Some people are not suitable for drinking.

After drinking to a certain extent, and with a little understanding of the alcohol concentration, I gradually know my own level. In the end, whether I will be drunk or not, sometimes it is a gap of a glass, and I think it actually comes from a certain angle. See, I know if I will get drunk, so it’s my own idea to be drunk or not.

If you want to be drunk, you can’t stop it. The only person who can stop him is himself. It’s the same as I am drinking. I will restrain myself. Especially because I hate the feeling of being drunk. When you reach the line, you will start to control your alcohol intake. When you think that some alcohol has been metabolized and stay away from that line, you can drink a little more alcohol, otherwise you will end up drinking more drinks and avoiding The eyes of friends.

Because of this, my friend said that I rarely saw me drunk, but I would drink so happy when I met with my friends. Even so, I still don't want to get drunk, otherwise I'm too sad.

Have you tested the amount of alcohol you drink, or have you felt the line, and at the same time you feel the line is faint, the moment when the formal physical and mental relaxation is just right, and it is drunk after.

I also exercised myself a few times, only to know that I will be drunk next time I drink, and even the alcohol concentration and portion size will have an impact. I can understand my physical condition more, and I can control it slightly so as not to make me uncomfortable.

Don’t drink alcohol until you are under 18 years old. Drink in moderation to relax yourself.


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