Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.14-I covered this cat, no one can take it away!

The dog hugged a cat tightly,
Is this reasonable?
They shouldn’t fight,
Don't look good with each other,
The big eyes squinting,
Just follow the script.

If the author of this script would doubt life,
How can they get along so harmoniously,
Not only did they not fight, 
they didn't even scold each other.

Dog and cat

Xiaobao also looked at the camera squinted,
It seems to be saying, what do you want?
Never seen holding a cat.

Dog and cat

Xiaobao’s eyes and posture are like a solemn statement here
I'm covering this cat, don't want anyone to move it,
If you have any questions, please come to me,
On the other hand, it's expression. 
Haven't we seen our feelings well?
Don't disturb our time.

Dog and cat

To explain the origin of this cat,
The cat is a stray cat,
It was not raised with Xiaobao,
It’s the cat who ran in from outside
After eating, I basked in the small garden,
It's like feeding.

At first, the cats watched Xiao Bao playing from the table,
I don't know the day when I suddenly 
saw Xiaobao climbing up to the table.

Dog and cat

Then later, they hugged and rested together,
Became a good friend,
The cat is still struggling,
Let him be held by Xiaobao,
The cat is also at ease in Xiaobao's arms,
It is really a picture of love.

Even if it’s a different kind,
Different habits,
Different sizes,
How can we live in harmony?

Anything is possible,
Just open your heart and accept each other,
Everyone is under the same sky,
What is there to discriminate against each other,
Everyone is equal.


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