Never go to the hospital again, blood drawing is terrible.

Everyone's nightmare

The hospital is an annoying place for adults and children. No one likes to go to the hospital. Even the clinic is a lot of people don’t want to go. After all, going to these places means that there are some physical conditions, no matter what. The situation will not be pleasant, even a small cold can be very uncomfortable, not to mention a more serious disease, as far as possible from the hospital, it is best not to go.

But it is an inexistent existence. Now people live better than they used to, but there are more and more diseases. It is common sense that life should not be better, and the body should be better? After all, people’s lifespan is now longer than it used to be. It’s too contradictory. Instead, people rely more on the hospital, not to make their health better, but to find a problem. In fact, everyone knows that going to the hospital is not happy. Not an interesting thing, why?

Children's fear

I recently went to the hospital with my family, why it doesn’t matter, but one thing happened. There was a little girl at the blood draw counter, who didn’t seem to be more than 5 years old. Why do I need a blood draw? Very profound. The first blood draw seemed to have failed. At that time, two people helped her draw blood and her mother hugged her. The whole area heard her crying, which was very uncomfortable, but If it is not necessary, I believe that the doctor will not ask for a blood test, otherwise I will not be able to understand the situation.

After the first failure, the mother picked up the little girl and comforted her for a few minutes, and started the blood drawing process again. This time, she also changed a boy to help draw blood. The little sister draws blood, and her cry shouts again cover the whole blood drawing area. The staff is soothing the little sister, hoping to end the blood draw as soon as possible. The little sister keeps calling her mother, hoping not to draw blood until I left, almost 20 minutes later, did not complete the blood draw, it was really a torture.

I don’t know if the little sister will have a shadow in the future, how deep the fear of the hospital is, she must not want to go to the hospital again, and she will remember that the blood draw is terrible. Mother must be very sad and sad, see No one wants all this to happen like his own child, only hope the little sister is all right. This time it is just a small problem.

Many people’s childhood experience will affect his growing up. Even if I am not surprised, I used to go to the hospital. Although I am not afraid of blood draws or injections, it does not mean that I am not afraid of going to the hospital. This idea cannot be easily changed. , Did you have the same experience as a kid?


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