Kenting in my memory, Still on a high school graduation trip.

Kenting, I see it on the news every summer. Whether it’s good news or bad news, travel in Taiwan is almost an indispensable part. The beauty of the sea and the beach is not attractive, especially although Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, it is actually There are not many beaches you can play on, except for the North Coast, which is Kenting. Anyone who likes water sports will never miss it.

Kenting is in southern Taiwan. It is the closest place to the equator in Taiwan. The climate is much warmer than other cities. It is also one of the attractions that foreign tourists come to Taiwan. However, occasionally there will be bad news on the news. This is really influential. For Kenting's perception, this will not be discussed for the time being.

Kenting, I haven’t been to N\years. It can be said that I have only visited once. On the one hand, the distance is too far. On the other hand, I have no interest in water activities. I can sunbathe or see beautiful women on the beach. I am interested, but there is no reason why I must go. Then the only trip to Kenting was a high school graduation trip. Remember about 3 days and 2 nights.

On the first day I stayed at the resort, and on the second day I stayed at the Caesars Hotel or Howard Plaza Hotel (the two are connected together, just next door). The attractions I went to were popular attractions. Basically, I went to Kenting’s attractions, such as geese. Luangbi Lighthouse, National Oceanographic Museum, Longpan Park, etc., are suitable for high school students to go to the attractions, and then everyone is walking along with them, and they are not looking at the attractions. Only when they call for photos, they will attract everyone’s attention. Otherwise, they are basically chatting. Everyone just waits when to eat and go back to the restaurant to rest. After all, the night is the highlight.

By the way, it’s reasonable to not even go to Kenting Street, the most famous street. Otherwise, it’s a bit dangerous for so many students to go there. It’s a pity. I didn’t go to Kenting Street and only took a tour bus. The price is expensive, and the students cannot afford it.

It can be said that it is the most important thing to visit Kenting. I didn’t go to the beach. Even the swimming pool of the hotel was only seen at night. I didn’t have time to play. So you said that I have any memories or thoughts about Kenting. There are not too many things, only remember that we secretly went to the convenience store to buy beer to buy cigarettes, avoiding the teacher's eyes, hiding in the bag, and waiting for the instructor and teacher to visit the room at night and name the name before the night officially began.

I guess they know it too, but they don’t break us down, let us go crazy, run in various rooms at night, drink and smoke in the room, turn off the lights and tell ghost stories, play games and cards, all kinds of activities happen in the room. I couldn't go out anyway, all could only be in the room. The next morning everyone got up and gathered in a state of languor. Getting in the car was just sleeping. It was funny when I thought of it.

Everyone's wanton play is also to relieve academic pressure. After the graduation trip, there is endless reading hell. There are no other entertainment activities and no time to get together. You have to work hard for future college exams, think It is really pitiful to think that the graduation trip can be said to be the first and last fun in high school, and the impression of Kenting ends here. There is nothing else to recall and cover up this graduation trip.

Maybe one day in the future I will go to Kenting again, but I should not forget my Kenting graduation trip that year. Even after many years, I don't remember the details, but it is still a memory.


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