Live simpler, life is not that complicated.

I don’t know from the moment when I feel so tired in life. Do you have this feeling too. Your shoulders are inexplicably heavy, and there is no physical weight on your shoulders, but you can’t breathe. Consoling myself is that I have been too busy these days, worrying too much, and the body is overworked. I just don’t want to face the reality. I do have inexplicable pressure to hold myself down and make myself unable to move, and the more I want to escape. But the more he can't escape, just like Monkey King was held down by Wuzhishan for five hundred years, it seemed that he had lost his psychological freedom and was confined by an invisible hand.

Thinking about it, I feel exhausted. Children in this era have been compared since they were young, and they are sent to kindergarten at a very young age. In the past, there were only small classes, middle classes, and large classes. Now there are still kindergartens. They start to learn talent. Parents will meet. Choose a variety of talents for children to try, choose a talent that adults imagine is very suitable, better parents will also ask the children's preferences, or force the children to learn talents that they don’t like at all. Hello, you will thank me in the future. Some children may be suitable for this method, but I believe that not all children are suitable.

It becomes more serious when you go to elementary school. At the beginning, I still feel that going to school is interesting and exciting. The growth of age is gradually developed. It was originally a pleasant time to study. The time for playing with friends has changed again. Examinations began to appear. The comparison of grades between students, parents' emphasis on grades, they have to bear these pressures from elementary school, these eyes on the quality of grades.

When you arrive in junior high school, the world is even worse. In order to go to a good high school, in addition to studying or studying, it is even more terrible when you arrive in high school. It is still studying and studying, and then taking a college entrance examination. At this time, I will think of the department I like. The adults said that going to university can be fun. Is it really possible?
(It’s not that studying is bad, but I don’t think you should study for the sake of studying, you should not study for the sake of grades)

After graduating, I started to live a better life and work hard, to buy good clothes, good shoes, good watches, good cars, good external objects, but is it really happy? Are these things really what you need? Would you not be able to live without these things? In fact, life should be very simple. People don’t need many things, but they are getting more and more complicated and unhappy, running around in a strange circle, just can’t get around.

If you change your mind, can you reduce the pressure on your shoulders? Why should we complicate simple things instead of simplifying them?


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