let's quit smoking,if you want to buy cigarettes in the US.

The price of cigarettes in Taiwan has increased a lot in recent years. Every time the price is raised, complaints from the smoking community can be heard. Cigarettes are becoming more expensive. You can’t afford cigarettes anymore. Even so, many people are smoking, and there are a small number of them. People really quit smoking because of that, they can only say that people who smoke in Taiwan are very happy, the price can’t be compared with European and American countries, their cigarettes are really expensive, Chinese cigarettes are expensive, but cheaper There are cheap, just look at your habit of smoking.

Many people who used to smoke have stayed abroad for a long time, they will want to quit smoking, otherwise they will really have to save money to buy cigarettes, and save money, otherwise it will really cost a lot of money. People who care about the price of buying cigarettes are all a bit economically strong. The United States buys a pack of cigarettes at around NT$300, and it is almost the same in Australia. It is basically 2 to 3 times the price of Taiwan. At first, I wanted to buy cigarettes in the United States. At the time, I was shocked by the price. Of course, the regulations in different states are different, and the price will not be slightly different, but overall it is not cheap.

The places to buy cigarettes in the United States are almost supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas stations. The prices will also be different. Generally speaking, gas stations will be a little cheaper, but it is not necessarily the brand type that you usually smoke. Cigarettes depend on ID. The age regulations in each state may be different. Some people need to be 21 years old to buy cigarettes. The minimum age is 18 years old. It is still necessary to look at the regulations of different states. This needs to be paid attention to. On the other hand, it won’t let you buy it. The gas station is a little less rigorous. According to friends at the time, when they bought it, the shop clerk did not see their ID or sold it to them. In fact, this is not in compliance.

When I went to the United States at that time, I wouldn’t invite people to smoke if it wasn’t a good relationship. Unlike in Taiwan, it wouldn’t hurt to ask someone to smoke a cigarette. It’s really a good relationship to invite people to smoke abroad. Every cigarette must be enjoyed slowly, smoked from the beginning to the tail, can not be smoked half and then thrown away, such luxury things will be scolded, ha ha! For example, if you want to smoke in Taiwan, there are also people who lose half of the people who smoke. However, if you want to cherish the resources abroad, you are all drawing money.

In order not to worry about how to buy cigarettes, there are two ways, one is to make more money, otherwise it is to quit smoking obediently, anyway, smoking is harmful to health.


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