Recommended snacks | Vietnamese cashew with salt-suitable for wine, coffee and tea

Vietnamese cashew with salt

This jar is a souvenir brought back by family and friends from Vietnam. The one who has been in Vietnam for a long time will bring a bunch of Vietnamese cashews back to his friends to eat every time he comes back. Of course, I heard that he also likes to eat, so don’t ask me. How much is this pot, because I don’t know. This is a gift I received. Haha, I only found out after I asked. It turns out that Vietnam is a place rich in cashews. It is easy to buy cashews, whether they are exported to other countries or It is processed and produced into finished products, the quantity is very large, and the quality is still very good.

This is the first time I have eaten cashews with skins. Most of the cashews bought in Taiwan are bright and skinless. You can eat them directly, depending on how they are seasoned, so I never knew how the cashews were originally grown. What did it look like? I always thought it looked like this. It turned out that there was still a layer of skin on the outside, so why do you usually see peeled skins? Isn’t that skin supposed to be very nutritious, just like many fruits?

This is a salt-cured cashew with a charcoal roasted scent. The skin is crispy and the light salty taste is not too heavy. People will unknowingly eat one bite after another. Every time they see it, they accidentally reach out and take it. A few come out to eat, whether it is served with wine, coffee, or tea is very suitable, I like to use sugar-free and dairy-free to match, the respective taste will not be overwhelmed, and can The aroma that blends in the mouth.

Now that I think of it, I still drool. If you have a chance, you can try it!

Don't ask me the brand name, I can't pronounce it. I haven't used Vietnamese skills yet. I just think this can is good. Will there be other brands that are good? You can try it if you have a chance.

It's purely personal, everyone has different preferences,
What suits me is not necessarily suitable for you.


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