Remember to bring a certificate when renting a car abroad

Car rentals are divided into domestic and foreign. Generally, the information documents required for domestic car rentals will be available to Taiwanese. Otherwise, you will not be able to rent a car. Besides, it will not be complicated. I will not talk about it. They all rent cars online, and now many well-known international car rental companies also have Chinese, and there is no big problem.

The problem is that you really need to provide the certificate after you arrive at the car rental company. Everyone should know that you need to change your international driving license first, but it is not acceptable to take the international driving license to rent a car abroad. The car rental company will not rent you a car, nor the police. I will agree that the international driver’s license is actually more like a translation. It is a way for the car rental company or the foreign police to compare and understand your original national driver’s license, so don’t be stupid and only take the international driver’s license abroad. 

You also need to bring your original country’s driver’s license. This is the key point. Both the international driver’s license and the original country’s driver’s license must be carried together. They are indispensable. Of course, there is your passport. National driver's licenses only let you go through the car rental procedures by looking at the international driver's license, but don't think that it is unnecessary.

A credit card is also needed, which is used to deposit and pay.

Otherwise, a happy car rental trip abroad may not be successful, and you have to change the way of travel.


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