Taipei Travel Attractions | Beitou Library-Taiwan's first green building library

Taipei City Library-Beitou Branch, referred to as the Beitou Library, is also a well-known attraction in Beitou, and may be more famous than other Taipei City libraries, but I only know that it is famous, and its shape is also quite good. It’s good-looking, which is different from the traditional library shape, but why is it actually famous, but I still found it later on the Internet. It turns out that it is a green building and the first green building library in Taiwan. It is also famous in the world and the most beautiful in the world. One of the public libraries.

Its surroundings are rich in ecology, surrounded by trees, and there is a stream flowing through, and you can see birds flying over. In this environment, reading a book is enviable and envious, in order to have a feeling of enjoyment, of course, like me, I will fall asleep when reading People, it's good to be quietly immersed here.

The decoration of the building and the inside is mainly made of wood, two floors above ground and one underground, not a large library.

Sitting outside on the second floor, you can see the scenery of Beitou Park, next to the Beitou Hot Spring Museum, and there is a very clean public toilet below.

No library in Taipei’s urban area can be compared with it. It is surrounded by steel and concrete in high-rise buildings. There will be a dull feeling of depression. The Beitou Library will make people feel happy. There are more people who come here to visit and appreciate than people who read books, haha.

Why is Beitou Library a green building?

This library was the first building in Taiwan to receive the certification of “Green Building”. The structure makes generous use of French windows and natural light, and blends in with the surrounding environment. Built mainly of wood and steel, it resembles a large treehouse just waiting to welcome visitors.

Beitou Library is “green” from inside to outside! Part of the roof is covered in solar panels, which can store up to 16KW of power. The wooden balcony railing is also eco-friendly; its vertical design conserves energy by reducing the amount of heat-causing rays allowed to enter the rooms. Rainwater collected by the sloping roof’s drainage system is used to water the library’s plants and flush the toilets. Eco-friendly paint was also used, to reduce the amount of toxins released into the environment.


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