Trave inTaipei,Beitou Attractions,Thermal Valley Park-Sulfur Smoke


Please go here in Beitou Thermal Valley~~~~~~! !

Yilan also has a Qingshui Thermal Valley,

Every time I see travel information, 

I remember which one I have been in my head.

They all feel familiar, but a little strange,

This time, please report to Beitou Thermal Valley first.

There are signposts going up the road from Beitou Hot Spring Park.

Follow the steps of the crowd,

You can also find this smoky attraction.

This is a sulfur spring,

So the whole area is filled with the smell of sulfur,

The smell is a bit more pungent,

I feel a little dizzy after staying too long.

Still have to pay attention to their own state.

It will be closed every Monday,

Is a free attraction,

You still have to protect the environment when you come,

Don't litter.

At the entrance, there is a visitor center and a souvenir shop.

Walk along this hot spring stream,

Is the source,

It is very different from what I imagined.

There is smoke ahead,

Floating in the sky,

Is there a way to hell or heaven?

It’s a bit different from what I imagined,

Thought it was a small pond,

Or divided into several areas,

The fantasy hot spring boiled eggs is even more disillusioned.

Hot springs emerging from the ground,

Expanded out a big pool,

For safety reasons,

Protected by fence,

After all, this is the source,

When the temperature is high,

The closer you get, the more you can feel its heat.

A natural heater!

Standing in the geothermal valley has a dreamy feeling,

The smoke will follow the wind,

Let you see its original appearance,

But within a few minutes smoke enveloped the whole place again,

You can't see it clearly.

A little fascinated!

It is not a big attraction,

It’s not an interesting attraction either,

Someone must be bored after taking a look,

But some people will understand its charm.

Beitou Thermal Valley Park

It’s purely personal, everyone has different preferences,

What suits me is not necessarily suitable for you.


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