Taipei Travel Attractions|Beitou Hot Spring Museum-Old Hot Spring Public Bath

The red brick walls and black tiles are very conspicuous at a glance. They are not like Taiwanese architectural styles or modern styles. They are a bit mixed, but this is not something I can understand. Although I like to appreciate it, it is It's hard to say its historical origin. It is very eye-catching with the designed garden scenery. Many people will take a few photos here.

The interesting thing is that when you look for the door to enter, you don’t know where it is? I rummaged through 3 faces and couldn’t find it. It feels very illogical. Normally, the entrance should be obvious, and it’s very spacious. However, the entrance of the Beitou Hot Spring Museum really depends on the direction of the flow of people. In a very reasonable direction, it is close to the road.

The location of this doorway is approximately on the second floor of the building, which is reasonable in terms of topography, but how many buildings have doors like this? I really haven't encountered it.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum is completely free to visit. It is closed on Mondays and national holidays. There is a limit of 200 people. When the number is full, you must wait for other tourists to come out. You must take off your shoes. They will take off your shoes and will use alcohol. It sounds like there are many restrictions on disinfection, but it is also to protect this building. The Beitou Hot Spring Museum is a municipal historic site, with its age and history, and it needs everyone's maintenance.

Before the sun sets, it is sprinkled on the building. Sitting on the Japanese-style floor, quietly watching the scenery in front of you, it is perfect to have a cup of tea, but it is a pity that eating and drinking are prohibited.

There are too many people on holidays. It would be nice if there are so many people~ I feel ruined. The sense of smell is not too good, although it is open and airy!

Go downstairs to the first floor and you will find the old public baths, with small baths and large baths.

The design of this large bath is actually beautiful even now. It still looks like mosaic tiles. When I was a child, I used a tiled bathtub in the bathtub in my hometown. The depth of this bathtub is quite deep. It can be used as a swimming pool. The sunlight coming in through the stained glass can only be said that people in the past will also enjoy it.

It introduces the historical development of Beitou, as well as Beitou Stones and hot springs. The outdoor theater outside the museum has irregular performances. Friends who are interested in the history of Beitou can come here for a walk or come here. Taking some photos is also good.

Detailed information can be found on the website of Beitou Hot Spring Museum. They have guided tours every day. You don’t need to register as long as you gather before the tour time, which takes about 30 minutes each time.


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