Exchange your international driver's license before renting a car abroad

Now many people travel abroad freely and do not like to travel with groups. It is very convenient in some countries. As long as you take public transportation, most cities or attractions can be reached, but occasionally it is not so convenient, there will be attractions to go No, or the transportation can't be connected, then renting a car is an option, especially in some countries, you can also rent a camper van and experience different ways of feeling.

Before preparing to travel abroad, the most important thing is to get an international driver's license in Taiwan first, so that you can drive abroad, otherwise you can't drive abroad if you rent a car without an international driver's license!

First prepare the original Taiwan ID card or residence permit, the original driver’s license, two 2-inch color photos (within 2 years), a photocopy of the passport (check the English name and place of birth), the processing fee is NT$250, and you can entrust the agent (agent ID card) ).

Next is to go to the nearest supervision office. I applied for it at the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office. I don’t usually have too many people, and I don’t spend too much time. I only need to prepare the information and hand it to the staff. I remember when I applied for it, I quickly got it. Once you get an international driver's license, you can safely travel abroad to rent a car, provided that you remember to take the international driver's license to go abroad, otherwise you will be embarrassed.

The international driver's license is valid for 3 years!

International driver's license looks like this!

Taiwan International Driver LicenseTaiwan International Driver License

Taiwan International Driver License

Taiwan International Driver License

Taiwan International Driver License

Taiwan International Driver License

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