Things to note when renting a car abroad

Must buy insurance, don't save this money

When renting a car, everyone must be concerned about the price, how to rent a cheap and cost-effective car, and the other part of the cost is the insurance fee, sometimes even more expensive than the cost of the car, at least half, so Some people may want to say that they will save money from the insurance part, but when they go out, especially in another country, for their own safety and security, the insurance fee must not be saved, there is no need to gamble luck If anything really happens, insurance can save you a lot of trouble and money. Insurance mainly includes protecting yourself, protecting your car, protecting others and other people's cars.

Does the fuel need to be topped up and returned?

Each car rental company has different regulations on the gasoline after the car is returned. Some are how much fuel you have when you pick up the car, and how much fuel you need when you return the car. If you don’t refuel, you will have to pay extra for the fuel. It is higher than the cost of going to gas for yourself. Generally, if you have the option, you will refuel yourself and then return the car. Unless the time is too late, or you can't find a gas station, you have to pay the car rental company.

Pick up and return location

When renting a car, you can return the car in place or in another place. Self-driving travel is a long distance across the city, or the city where the ticket is purchased is different. It's too much trouble, but the cost of returning the car from another place will be relatively high. Also pay attention to whether the car rental company has this service, so that it will not affect your itinerary.

Number of drivers

The person who rents the car may not be the person who drives, but the person who drives must buy insurance, especially when there is an accident, if the person who drives does not have insurance, then the problem is greater, so if you have a If the two need to drive, they must inform the car rental company, and then buy the second person’s insurance, or they can only drive one. When driving on the road, the police are stopped to check, and the police also have the right to fine. If you are traveling by car for a long distance, it is recommended to buy insurance for the second driver so that you will not get too tired.

Driver's age

When renting a car abroad, the age rules of each car rental company are different. Some do not rent a car to people under the age of 25. Some car rental companies can rent a car to people under the age of 25, but they must pay more, so you should pay attention when renting a car. The factor of age, it is understandable for individuals to think that they have this kind of regulation. Those over 25 years old will have a longer driving age. In addition, their psychological stability is higher, and they will pay more attention to safety and impulsivity. It will be less.

Other expenses (GPS)

In addition to the normal cost of renting a car, there are other costs for renting some additional equipment. For example, GPS, child seats and the like, some GPS car rental companies can provide it for free, so pay attention to the content provided by the car rental company.

Mileage limit

The mileage requirements of each car rental company are also different, some are unlimited mileage, some are limited mileage, if you exceed the prescribed mileage, you will have to pay extra fees, and how much you have to pay depends on the individual car rental company regulations, this is also necessary Pay attention to it.


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