The U.S. cannot buy alcohol under the age of 21

Taiwan can buy and drink alcohol at the age of 18. Many first-year university graduates from high school start to drink, especially when gathering with classmates, they always drink alcohol to increase the atmosphere. It seems that the 18-year-old limit is really true. It's quite relaxed, and it's an age that can drink alcohol very early. Why do you say that? It is compared with the United States.

The main rule in the U.S. is that 21 is the age of adulthood. Each state may have different rules. So before arriving in another state or city, it is best to understand the local legal restrictions, otherwise you will be fined or otherwise. Punishment, but if you are 21 years old, basically you don’t have to be so troublesome. It’s just that you still have to carry your ID with you, and you may need to check it at any time. After all, foreigners sometimes cannot judge your age by looking at Asians, even if you Many people over 21 years old, it is very common for them to ask to see your ID.

In Boston, Massachusetts, you can go to a special store to buy wine. You can buy all kinds of wine, Wine, Liquor&beer, but the clerk will ask to see your ID, otherwise it won’t sell any of your wines. If he sells it to you and is found out, he will be responsible. There is only one possibility that he will not look at the ID, that is, you often go to the same store to buy wine. The clerk has seen your ID before, so you don’t need to bring it. At the beginning, I had this kind of experience. After going to the same store many times, I would not check my ID, otherwise I look quite young, maybe less than 18 years old, haha.

There is another thing that is actually the best thing not to do, which is to buy wine for friends under 21. This is also not allowed, but this is something that many people will secretly do, especially in school. A bunch of people like it. At the party.

Not all restaurants sell alcoholic beverages. Ask in advance. When ordering alcoholic beverages, the clerk also has the right to ask to see your ID. Otherwise, you can refuse to sell, whether you are watching a football game or watching a show, as long as you buy alcohol. Remember the ID, unless he doesn't read it.

P.S. It’s really cost-effective to buy alcohol at home in the United States, and it’s really expensive to drink outside. Super not cost-effective!


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