When I first drank

When was your first drink? What kind of wine did you drink for the first time? Do you still have an impression?

Taiwan cannot drink alcohol under the age of 18, and the United States cannot drink alcohol under the age of 21, but many people should have secretly drunk in the bar. There are really few people who have been caught punished for drinking under the age of 18. Necessary, on the one hand, for the sake of health, before the age of 18, the body is still in the process of development, drinking is still harmful to the body, on the other hand, the thought is not so mature, and will relax after drinking. Young people tend to provoke impulses, and restrictions are still necessary.

I don’t know if many people are like me. The first drink was before the age of 18. Explain that this is a bad demonstration. Don’t imitate it. After all, people are curious. Seeing adults are drinking, always I wonder what it is and what it tastes like, why adults like this drink so much, and then adults will tell you that children can’t drink this. The more they say this, the more interested they are, right? This is human nature.

I have the impression that the first drink was in elementary school? Just about what age, I remember drinking beer, which is suitable for people who don’t think it’s particularly good or bad, I think it’s just a drink, but the taste is different from the ordinary, and there is one more that can’t be said. The taste is the flavor from alcohol. The children of our family have tasted the flavor of alcohol very early, but they tried a few sips in front of adults. There is no possibility of drinking too much.

It was also the right time. The whole family went on a trip together. When eating outside, the weather was hot. So grandpa and grandpa and other adults drank some beer. With the permission of my parents, they picked it up. After drinking a glass of beer with the elders, there was only one glass, and there was no more. At that time, did it open up the potential for drinking? At that time, there was no feeling at all, and I felt very happy now. All the family hung out together. Later, when I grew up, I had such a time and the opportunity to travel together. It is really rare, and I really want to cherish the time with them. .

This is my memory of drinking for the first time. Although it has been a long time ago, many places and contents of the scene were not remembered. There is only a vague impression, but the impression of the first drink in my heart is good. , Not because of good drinking, but the kind of atmosphere that feels good, the time spent with family, and wine is a catalyst in it, and it is only an embellishment, but how can I use this to maintain my original happy time , It is worth remembering.

Don't drink alcohol when you are underage~ Don't drink when driving, don't drive when drinking!


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