It feels so wonderful to have a Chinese language instructor in the middle school, and I should cherish it.

I left elementary school and embarked on a journey [Junior High School]. I don’t know what will happen in the future. When I hear that my class instructor is a teacher who teaches Chinese, I can’t imagine that the days in the future will be spent like this. The environment is fresh, and the reality is cruel. Within a few days, I discovered how to be different from other classes. I almost doubted life, whether I have entered a hell, and that hell is called [Chinese language].

Let me first declare that not every Chinese teacher is like this. Different teachers have their own styles and teaching methods. What I have encountered is the stronger one, so strong that I envy other classes. The lesson we fear most is The Chinese language class, or the instructor in our class, is also the quietest class in our classroom. It even avoids the teacher’s eyes. You can’t even look around. You can only see everyone reading the textbook intently, otherwise it’s just looking up. Looking at the blackboard on the podium, I didn't miss the notes, otherwise I couldn't answer the question in the next second, but it was very fun.

If you miss your notes, you can only take the risk to ask the classmates next door. Otherwise, pray not to be called by the teacher. After class, you will quickly make up the answer. You can’t answer the answer, but you have to copy the text. This is also a subject that you must review when you go home. , Especially when I know that when there is a Chinese language class the next day, rote memorization must be in my head. When there is a Chinese language class, you will find that everyone on the desk is full of Chinese textbooks when I think of it. Very funny, I can imagine what everyone is afraid of.

During class, there will be a random roll-call test. If you can’t answer, you’ll just copy the text. If you’re not lucky, you’ll be roll-called, and you can’t answer. The face that day basically looks like a crying face. Asking classmates for help, my worst time, it seems that I have to copy 6 times a day, or that kind of long story, I almost have to stay up late to finish writing, my mentality is that I am writing while scolding and hate it.

The manuscript paper in our class should be the most bought and used. Even the schoolbag has manuscript paper prepared to prevent the possibility of winning at any time. The teacher’s perspective is for our own good. In this way, we can increase our familiarity with the text. If you can write down the content, if you don’t memorize it carefully, then you will be fined to write it down. You don’t have to think about it. The foreign scores of our class are the best in the whole year, and the other subjects will not be Chinese if they are not good.

I didn’t think about it so much back then. I just thought that Chinese was really annoying. Of course, the good side of Chinese was forgotten. Later, I discovered the benefits after graduating from middle school. My Chinese seems to be okay. I will think about it after many years. , I have the idea of ​​thanking the teacher. Although this method is not necessarily the best, it may not be suitable for everyone, at least from a certain angle, it is effective and helpful.

It allows me to read and understand the text without problems. This is a very good result. After all, the most commonly used language is also the language. The Chinese language is a somewhat complicated and connotative text. The usage and meaning of the text are not necessarily superficial. It is necessary to understand or read the meaning of the words before and after it separately to fully understand the meaning, otherwise you will not know if you are bullied and cheated.

Thanks to the Chinese teacher of the year! Torture me like this, haha. (If you can go back in time, don't use this method, and teach us another way.)


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