The journey of being late, the understanding in adulthood.

When the kindergarten was in school, I hated getting up early in the morning to study. My parents found a kindergarten close to work for the convenience of picking up and taking care of me. This meant that I had to get up earlier than others. From this time on, the tug of war began. Of course, this age is incapable of defeating evil forces, so I can only succumb. I have no idea about being punctual. The only idea is that I want to sleep more. I am a child who loves to sleep. I didn’t think about physical problems at that age. The child must be lazy. After he grew up, he learned about nutrition and found that it might not be entirely the child's fault.

The elementary school is close to home, walk about 5~10 minutes, if you are lucky enough to catch up with the time, you can walk closer to the side door, or you will have to detour to the front door. From this time on, I started my late life, and I went to class five days a week. I was late for 3~4 days. I don’t remember why I’m not late. Being late is not due to lack of sleep and unable to get up, but also because people are uncomfortable and don’t want to go to school. In time, even after hearing the clock at home, I found out that I was late, and occasionally I ran to school nervously. Later I felt that I was late anyway, so I just walked slowly.

Back then, I was corporal punishment, so I often saw me being punished for standing or squatting, or being punished with a heavy load, carrying a schoolbag, carrying a water bottle, and holding a bento hand in the air, squatting and waiting. I was impressed. It is the person who is most often punished to stand in the class. It is also read by teachers and parents every time. Why do you like being late so you can't go to school on time? I thought in my heart it was really hard to be on time, why is it so inhumane for class in the morning.

When I arrived in the middle school, I continued to maintain a record of being late, and I was punished by the class instructor to write a repentance note. I wrote a repentance note every few days. I started to talk nonsense when I wrote it. From the beginning to the end, from the cause process to the reflection, the description is step by step. , I have to change different patterns to be similar but not the same, and it takes a lot of brain power to make up the word count.

I went to high school because the distance was very long, and it took a long time to commute every day. It took about 1.5 to 2 hours for a one-way trip. I still remember that there was a paid school bus in the first semester. As a result, half of the time was not in time for the school bus. In the morning At 5:40, how could it be possible to take the bus. Later, I took the bus by myself, and then there was the MRT. I learned that I would know which bus to take at the latest so that I would not be late. I will definitely be late. It is difficult to go to bed early when I come home every day and read a book. I suffer from lack of sleep every day.

After the previous experience of being late, or a long-term recidivist, but I don’t know when I started, I don’t like being late, especially if I agree to a good time, I basically arrive early or on time. There is a slight change in my mentality, but I am right later. Those who are late are a bit impatient.

I have thought about this question, whether I am unhappy because I am late or because I have not kept my promises. Appointing a time is also a promise to me. After making this promise, I should do it instead of feeling that it doesn’t matter, or I will make an appointment. Why? Of course there are emergencies or traffic delays that are understandable, not so unkind, but this is also human nature.


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