Blogger Template theme resource website, paid and free.

Blogger's own theme templates are less selective, but there are basic functions. There must be a lot of people who don’t know how to write theme templates like me. At this time, it’s not about spending money to invite people to write web pages, or finding their favorites. If you just started to write a blog, you will be scared to give up. I found some Blogger Template websites from the Internet. There are some paid and free resources, depending on personal needs. Of course, free and paid There is still a difference. Use it at your own discretion. There is no good or bad, just whether it is suitable for your own use, but remember to read the instructions.

1. BTemplates

You can choose the themes of Style, Features, Topics, Columns, Colors, so that you can find the theme templates easily, otherwise you really won’t come over. The premise is that you first understand your needs and what kind of template you want. This is the most troublesome. There are free and paid templates in this website.

Before downloading, you can take a look at Live Demo to see how the web page displays.


There are also many free templates in this website.

3. gooyaabiTemplates

This is India’s Blogger Templates. The options are very rich. There are a lot of theme templates. It is really dazzling to choose. You can also choose to download for free or paid. Remember to see if the theme is responsive or SEO, etc. Function, each template design has a different idea, not every function will have it, but try to choose a template from recent years.


Mainly paid templates.

Paid and free downloads, you can refer to the instructions before buying. After all, there is always a difference between paid and free, which is different from the function.

Or before you pay, you can download the free version to try it out. After a period of time, you can buy it if it is suitable. In fact, the cost of the template is not very expensive. You can use it for a period of time. Anyway, it will take at least a few years. Change it once, not every year. And there will be no problems with the function and no troubles.


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