Don't be kidnapped by money, it's just a tool.

Recently, a singer released an album and just saw his interview. It’s really a coincidence. Otherwise, I wouldn’t take the time to watch these interviews. For me, it’s not too important whether the singer is famous or not. That is just a job, just for the public. In my eyes, they seem to be very distant, but they are also humans and live like ordinary people. It is normal for everyone to have their own values ​​and ideas, so why did they attract my attention?

It’s his view of money. It is said from a well-known celebrity. In my opinion, it is not easy. It can be said to be very special. After all, to a certain extent, money will blind your eyes, which is why a lot of news I'm talking about what luxury car or mansion a certain celebrity bought. To be honest, what is the meaning or value of these news? Does it have anything to do with you? Of course, some are showing off.

This singer is not afraid to say that he just came out to make money. He wants to make money and retire quickly, showing a very real side. Then he said that happiness is the goal, money is not the goal. Money is just a tool. With money as the goal, you will never make enough money. Some people might say that it’s because you earn more than usual, so they say this. Later, he also described his attitude towards life, he has no desire for material things, and other aspects that he can be believed. Yes, this does not need to be over explored.

Money is now regarded as one of the signs of a person’s success. It is still a very serious criterion. Whether you have a good job and whether you make enough money. If you can get happiness from it, then I think it’s very good. It means you are suitable for this. This way of life, the reality is that not so many people are like this. They make money but are very unhappy. Money is important, but it can also be said that it is not so important. 

Some things are not exchangeable for money. There is no result in chasing money all the time. Yes, people will never be satisfied if money is not earned enough for a day. They will only feel that there is not enough money. No one will like money less. In the end, all kinds of problems are obtained, but money cannot be solved. What is clearing money? It is not to make money for the sake of being rich. Then you will not be happy. If you have enough money to live, you can be happy in spirit, maybe you will be a little happy.


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