As you grow older, you know the importance of drinking water.

Drinking water is a physiological need, and it is also a normal thing. Everyone cannot lack water. People cannot do without it. You can skip meals for a few days, but you can’t stop drinking water. These words seem to be heard very often. In order to repeatedly remind everyone to drink more water, everyone also understands the principle of drinking more water, but it seems that sometimes it is not so easy, or even a little difficult.

The water itself does not have much taste, let alone any taste of water. If there is a taste, it will not be water. It is all added with other foods, and the water has no taste, so it cannot attract the taste of many children. People who drink it, especially real children, don’t like drinking water that much. At this time, after letting them taste the sweetness of the drink, they really won’t be able to come back. That’s why many parents ban them when they are children Drink a drink, you can't go back after drinking it.

I don’t have a particular dislike of water, but I don’t take the initiative to drink water seriously. I feel like I am a little thirsty before drinking a glass. It’s a very bad example. I can’t wait until I’m thirsty to drink water. The amount of water is correct, but I didn’t think so much at that time, but I didn’t drink too many drinks and didn’t drink water. Besides, I drank very few drinks. I felt like I was just lazy running to the toilet?

The water content of a day is slightly different for everyone, but at least it must be more than 2000 cc to basically meet the standard. It sounds not difficult. There are still many people who do it. I am one of them. Yes, three. The soup in the meal is considered to be part of the water intake in a day, but I do well in this part, and I will drink more bowls of soup.

When I first awakened in the United States, my roommate was a Korean. They have a really good habit of drinking water. The first thing to do in the morning is to drink water. At other times, I will replenish water at any time. Of course, drinking does not count. Nei, at that time, was unknowingly affected, and he would pay attention to the amount of water he drinks, but he was still young and didn't think so much.

Later, when I returned to Taiwan, I felt the increase in weight, and I began to think about whether to drink more water. The intake of water is also closely related to metabolism. I would not admit that it was the cause of the increase in age. I found that drinking water is beneficial to the body. The changes are still very different, whether it is in detoxification or metabolism, especially in the case of drinking coffee or tea and diuresis, without replenishing water, the body feels obviously missing something, and telling myself that I need to replenish water and go back. In the past, I didn't think so much.

The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to drink a glass of water. You must drink a glass of water every half an hour or an hour. Try to drink more than 2000 cc of water every day. There is still a lot of time if you don’t have it, and you need to work hard. I still have a bad habit, that is, I don’t drink water, or I will suddenly drink a lot of water at a time. In fact, this is not good. Drink slowly, drink moderately and steadily, and it’s more important not to wait until you are thirsty.


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