House on Wheels-Korean reality show, if you can't go out to play, just watch others play.

2020 is a dull year. Because of the epidemic, everyone cannot travel, especially in countries with severe epidemics, even if they can’t even go out of their homes. The days of freedom don’t exist for the time being. If you are used to the past, you can travel. , Or those who love to run around in the outdoors, will be held back, looking forward to traveling every day, but in the current situation, it seems that when it will recover is unknown.

South Korea’s previous control is OK, a little bit more relaxed, maybe it is also to make everyone change their moods, and this program was born, a house on wheels, away from a fixed and immobile home, and transformed into a one that can be carried around. Home is an experience and a life that many people have imagined, but there is no way to actually complete the life for various reasons. In fact, this concept has existed a long time ago, but Asia is not as popular as abroad.

In Europe and North America, this way of traveling is actually relatively mature. Whether it’s a campsite or scenic spot, the penetration rate is relatively high. Of course, their environment and geographic area are also relatively large, which is very suitable for this method. You can rest wherever you drive. The campervan is a condensed house with everything in it. It is no different from a normal house. The only biggest difference is that it can be moved.

This program can be regarded as a healing program. They show the natural beauty of Korea. Whether it is the beautiful scenery of the sea or the mountains and forests, people nowadays want to go but can't go, and the local food is one by one. There are food shows with Korean scenery, and of course it’s funny sometimes when watching their own cooking.

It’s also because the three hosts are all qualified actors, two of them are older actors. The youngest started acting as a child star. They have known many well-known actors. These Korean actors can be known as long as you have seen Korean dramas. The stars of, can't imagine that they will come to this kind of show, it can also represent that their popularity is really good, and they can invite these artists to participate.

Such as Hyeri, Luo Meilan, Kong Xiaozhen, Li Jingjing, IU, Zheng Eundi, Ha Jiwon, but not every artist spends two days and one night, some only stay for one day, which is a pity. In addition, the content , In fact, when you arrive at a place, cook, eat, watch the scenery and chat, some parts will feel boring, and in fact, there is not much time to show the home with wheels. Most of the pictures are actually outdoors, which seems to be missing So a little bit.

If you can drive your camper on your own any day, you can see the scenery in front of you no matter what day or night, it’s still very enviable. It must feel very good. Although there are troublesome problems to overcome, such as water and electricity, but really When you do this, you should be able to overcome it, and you won't think it is a troublesome thing. Look forward to a day when it will come true.


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