How to exercise composition skills passively is to have a strict Chinese teacher in the middle school.

First of all, I would like to thank the Chinese teacher in junior high school, who is also my class instructor. Because of your strictness, our language skills are pretty good. We should understand and understand, most of the semantics can be understood, and we can distinguish what looks a little bit. Although there is still a lot of room for improvement in the problem essay, at least my subsequent composition test scores are not too bad, and I can use the vernacular way to express what I want, which is already very satisfying.

Where do I start? This story happened when I was in middle school. I just left elementary school and went to middle school. Everyone was nervous and excited. Everything was so fresh. This happy feeling didn’t last long, so I jumped directly into the hell of words. The reason is A Chinese language teacher, she was also our class instructor, so the exciting and terrifying days began.

The Chinese language class is a course that needs to be energetic. Tension and pressure loom over every classmate. Of course, classmates with good homework may be better. Students who are not bad or not like me are miserable, and it is all. In the most serious class, you can’t relax your mind at all, otherwise there will be surprises at any time. That surprise is the wrong answer. You must copy the text so that you can deeply understand the content of the text, ranging from 1 to 2 times, or more. Five to six times, my impression is that my chances of winning are still very high. There will be me almost every week. If that week goes through safely, I would be lucky enough to buy a lottery ticket.

This is only a Chinese language class, and does not include other punishment opportunities. For example, if you are late for school in the morning, you have to write a letter of regret. At least 600 words. I should be the person who wrote the most regret book in the class. The number of lateness is also the most. In order to write a repentance book, use all the Chinese language of the meeting, and let the emotions be incorporated, so that the repentance book retains a sense of apology. Even though I hate writing a repentance book, I still have not let go of my late skills, but my writing ability has not improved. less.

Thinking about it this way, should I be happy or unhappy? Using this method to increase my writing skills, I also laughed, but after graduating from junior high school, even after I arrived at university, looking back on that period, I was helpless and thankful. What was helpless was how easy I was to be punished at the beginning. I don’t want to remember that period of time, but later I was very grateful for that period. My psychology was still quite contradictory. On the one hand, I felt that the teacher was too cruel. On the other hand, if it weren’t for the teacher to be so cruel, maybe my Chinese would be very good. Damn it.

In fact, until now, I do not agree with this method, but some people may need this method. They can only say that each person is suitable for different methods. It is still very difficult for teachers to teach students in one way. There is not so much energy to treat different students in different ways, and the learning environment in Taiwan is so boring and rigid, it is really not easy.


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