I live alone-show the life style of Korean artists and get closer.

Is there any show that can make celebrities and celebrities closer to the audience, let everyone know that they actually live the same way as ordinary people, and they don’t have too much difference in what they do. They also tend to sleep in bed and don’t want to get up, and they don’t know how to cook and order takeaway. Some like to eat, some are clean and organized, and some don’t care about clothes and littered, except for the side in front of the TV, life is just like ordinary people.

The Korean show I live alone is a reality show, mainly to show the appearance of celebrities living alone. All the people on the show live alone, whether they are boys or girls, they are all open to the public. There are regular members and guests who are invited to appear on the occasion. Contains various types of stars, singers, actors, models, funny people and athletes!

It is also a very famous program in Korea. It has been broadcast since 2013. The host and guests have changed several groups. It will be interesting to see the stars you know. After all, everyone has only seen them in front of the screen. I haven’t seen them in their private lives.

Can you imagine these female stars without makeup? In this show, there is no female star who has never had a faceless makeup. This is unimaginable. They usually pay attention to the image and will not show the imperfect side. Therefore, such a look is seen by the audience, but It will make the audience feel less distance.

Every time a new guest attends, they will gather together to record and watch a movie, just like watching a movie with the audience, and then they will also talk during the movie, sometimes adding to the atmosphere and the degree of laughter.

This baby bear is called Wilson. It should be the happiest doll. He has been to countless celebrity celebrities' homes and has been hugged by countless stars. It can be said to be the most enviable character.

The private life of celebrities, some people arrange very rich, some people arrange very simple and boring, everyone has different preferences and interests, and some can see why they are so successful, because they do a lot in private. Prepare, but most of them show their relaxed side in private. Although this is still a show, it still has a performance effect, but it is not easy to show part of their life style.

It's still very interesting. It's also a Korean show I watched for a long time. If you are interested, you can watch it.


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