It's not Pokemon, it's friendship.

Regardless of adults or children, the game is for people to play. What you can get in the game is different for everyone. Some people get happiness in the game, enjoy the story process of the game, the sense of accomplishment of breaking through the level, and the excitement of getting ranked , Are all gains, games are a way to release stress, games are not a bad product, but what attitude should be used to treat it.

My mother has been poisoned since last year. This poison is called Pokemon Go. The mobile game that has swept the world in the past few years allows people to go out of the house and look for games that increase the amount of exercise. The effect looks good for a while. I saw a group of people outside catching Pokemon. When it first became popular, my mother was still mocking the group of people who played this game. I didn’t know what they were doing and what was there for fun. I was there to catch Pokemon every day, wasting time. As a result, she fell into this pit when she was instigated and bewitched by a group of her friends, still deeply unable to extricate herself.

Now I can’t understand all the terms and content of the game, so I just rolled my eyes. I couldn’t use Pokemon at home before, but now the new feature is even more exaggerated when I can catch Pokemon at home. The phone is in my hands longer than me. It’s even longer. She doesn’t leave her body at all, and she admires her very much. The only thing to worry about is that her body posture is incorrect and she is also looking at her phone on the road. These are more dangerous. Now we have to remind her not to use mobile phones when crossing the street. What's weird?

Every month on the Community Day, I will make appointments with a group of her good friends. Even if there is no Community Day, I will meet where to go and catch Pokemon. It looks like I am addicted to the game. There is indeed something correct, but from another perspective. I think that when I get to a certain age, I actually have less and less time and opportunities to meet with my good friends. In addition, I don’t know how to arrange my own activities or have a lot of interest to do. Really It will feel bored and empty.

It’s also an excuse and a way to get together with friends in the name of a game, and it’s understandable. At least they get happiness. It’s very important. They still have an extra connection when they know each other, let alone It’s said that I only met friends after playing games. Revolutionary emotions have been established in the game. There are not a few examples of meeting in reality and becoming friends. Maybe some people will think that they just go out to make friends, but gradually they will find that it seems not so. It's easy, especially after the reading period, there are fewer and fewer real friends, and there is rarely such a simple relationship. The sinister society is also brought into the friendship.

And this kind of simple communication after liking one thing is sometimes more simple. The same hobby and the same hobby can get together, and it will be less uncomfortable. When I played World of Warcraft, I also met such a group of people. People from all walks of life will not care too much about each other, and there will be no comparisons. They can highlight the essence of a person, not some external packaging. Playing games can also see a person's personality.

It’s not Pokemon, it’s friendship, it’s some kind of happiness!


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