Korean Variety Show|Sixth Sense- more than five senses, from which to distinguish true and false.

South Korea’s new variety show [Sixth Sense], starred by South Korea’s national MC Yoo Jae-seok, accompanied by 4 female artists, some of them are singers and some are actors, including Oh Nara, Jeon Soo Min, Jessi, and Mi Joo. This kind of combination is really rare. Liu Zaixi is really enviable. At present, at most, only one guest is invited to perform. The first two episodes are all male stars, and it may be the same pattern later. , Fix the configuration of 5 guests and 1 person to perform the show.

Information on the wiki shows that this program may be broadcast seasonally. It depends on the performance of the first season before the next season will be born. Judging from the current level of publicity, the ratings should be good, especially Many activities cannot be carried out now, as long as the subject matter is novel and interesting, it can still attract a lot of viewers.

The sixth sense, in addition to the five senses of people, every person occasionally has a sixth sense that is very accurate, and suddenly feel that something is going to happen, or the feeling of true or false, this show is made The content that comes out is combined with the real content, allowing the host and the guests to judge which one is fake, two of the three choices are real and one is fake, but the fake is the same as the real.

The first episode is about food. The first is a buffet in the supermarket. You can buy ingredients directly from the supermarket and go to the restaurant. Use the tools of the restaurant to cook your own meals. Side dishes are provided for free. The second is an old couple at their home The fried chicken soup is only open for one hour a day, and the third is a restaurant that costs 1 million won for a set menu.

There will be a chance to get a prompt from the producer, but to be honest, I really can’t see the effect of the prompt. After reading the prompt, I still can’t tell it, and it will mess up the original idea. The original intuition may be prompted instead. Influence, and guessing the wrong answer, the production team is quite treacherous.

What is funny is their conversation, especially when girls suddenly talk about taboo topics, which are not easy for boys to participate in. Liu Zaixi said that he was helpless and could only laugh and persuade them to stop the topic, especially Jessi. Uncontrollable. Every time I talk about a topic, I will make people sweat, but I think it is funny. Quan Zhaomin and Mi Joo can't be ignored, they will suddenly join in and go crazy together. How long can Wu Nara persist in not being crooked? ?

After watching the first episode, I feel that the production unit is really not afraid to spend money. I found an abandoned house for renovation and decoration. It looks like a house used by normal people. From finishing to completion, it took 3 After many weeks, the cost of producing an episode of the show is really not small, and it also makes people expect that there will be something amazing in the future. How many correct answers can they guess? The sixth feeling is that it is not accurate. ?

The audience watching may also follow them to guess, can they guess the correct one? But will it become a detective show?


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