Material can never satisfy human desires.

Substances can be bought with money. In order to buy material items, it is necessary to make money. This is an understandable behavior pattern. Even if it is to satisfy the material supplies needed for normal life, it needs money to buy, like It is clothes and shoes. Only a few things can be thought of by yourself. For example, after you own a piece of land in a country, you can grow your own vegetables and fruits to raise chickens and ducks. Even so, there are still some material products that need to be purchased, but there will be less.

So matter has its needs. In terms of matter that can meet basic needs, there are many other substances, not necessarily what is needed, but wanting, and may be better in function, or handsome and beautiful. Practicability depends on the situation. The goal of making money for everyone has become a little distorted, and the purpose of making money has become a weapon of comparison. From this, you can judge whether you have value and status in this society. It is external. Material to make judgments.

In order to be in the eyes of others in society, and force yourself to do what you don’t want to do or like to do, you fall into a vicious circle. If you slowly separate yourself from it and ask yourself a question, you will be happy like this ? At least I will not be happy. Some people may say that it is because you can't, you don't have money and you can't get it. That's why they say it is not good. Is it really the case? Or he didn't dare to admit your idea, and if he admits it, it will break his belief.

I have met the rich, the rich who have worked hard, the rich who are very relaxed, the rich who regret, the unhappy rich, and the rich who are unhealthy. , Is it really all material to satisfy them? Sometimes what they enjoy is the process and not necessarily the material, here is a little bit off, it's time to get back to the main axis.

It can be seen from limited products that limited products are actually created artificially. As long as they are products that can be made and sold, how can they not be made later, but turning them into limited products will allow a group of people to rush to buy them. It satisfies personal vanity and superiority. This is also human nature. I always want new products and new functions. It is also human nature if I don’t take it into consideration. Now people want more than they need.

Values ​​will also become strange because of this, chasing the desire to have no results, making yourself feel too impetuous, and unconsciously ignoring the more important things around you and the issues that need your attention. Human life is limited. While pursuing endless desires, it is important to stop and think about what is important.


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