Minimalism-Think about your own life and mental state. It can also reduce waste!

Minimalism: cut off unnecessary things, discard excess waste, and get rid of the obsession with objects.

The source of this passage is Japan, and it probably appeared after 2000. It only started a period of enthusiasm in Taiwan in the first two years. Whether it is news or newspapers and magazines, many people are discussing this topic. A paragraph of words reflecting on life and mental state, as long as one of them becomes better, it is an improvement.

Everything depends on how you look at the problem. It is a positive or negative attitude. There is no certain correct answer, so there is no need to criticize other people’s ideas. For example, once I talked to some When people bring up the topic of renunciation, they are explaining why this concept appears, or what it can represent. The first thought of ordinary people should be the habit of hoarding things. Is it easy to be reluctant to lose things? Or just leave the things you need and don’t buy things randomly in the future, but someone said that it’s because you don’t have money to buy things and you don’t want to think about how to make money and live a better life, just thinking about how to save your life, after listening After that I laughed helplessly.

Need to argue? What about winning or losing in disputes? It is more important to make yourself better.
Modern people’s information is developed, and information is updated very quickly. New products will be born at any time. Some products have not changed much. They may just add new features and go on the market to attract consumers to buy. The function of is useful for you, it is worth buying, but now many people shopping are impulsive consumption, feel that they want or convince themselves that they need to buy, and finally put it at home without using or using I don’t use it once. I believe that many people have such things in their homes, and they are reluctant to throw them away or give them away. This is a waste, it is not environmentally friendly, and it takes up space.

Think about whether you need or want it, and whether this thing is really necessary. There are not so many things that people need. They are all very basic. The others are additional, which can enrich your life, but if you don’t have it, you don’t. It affects life, but it also makes life more complicated.

Is there a lot of things in the house that have been left there for a long time without moving, even the position has not been moved, it is covered with dust, some can remember its existence, some even forget its existence, but feel those things They are all important, and I’m not willing to throw them away. In fact, they haven’t been used for several years. They may all be broken and cannot be used. Except for the items with collection value, they should be sorted out. They are not as necessary as I thought. And important, because if it is really important, at least occasionally I will use it or flip it over. It is also because these things occupy the space, resulting in insufficient space, and the living space is limited.

The meaning of the item itself is to make life better and more convenient, and to make life more comfortable and pleasant. It is not the quantity that everyone has. Clothes are what everyone needs to wear. Some people like clothes and buy a lot of clothes. But in fact, the clothes that I often wear are those few. Some people like to buy shoes. In the end, they wear only a few pairs. There is only one person and only two feet. It is enough. What if there are so many ? Are you really happier? Or in the end, only emptiness is actually obtained. Pursuing is actually more important to make the mind happy, rather than relying on these material things.

Human is a creature that is prone to desire and wants a lot, so it’s not satisfied. If you have it, it’s okay. The terrible thing is that if you have it, you’re not satisfied, you just want more, and you fall into a strange cycle. among.

The simplest and superficial explanation for renunciation is in life, but careful thinking will find that it is actually related to the psychology. You can calm down and think about it. Abandoning is to get a better self and prevent yourself from being kidnapped. In order to be recognized by others, but to become a better person.

It is everyone's responsibility to take care of ourselves and protect the earth.


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