Beitou, Taipei-Longnice hot spring-Japanese hot spring, please go early.

Suddenly a casual journey, there will always be a special situation, nothing will come according to my expectations, a little accident happened but also add a regret to this journey, this imperfection is also for the next time, otherwise How can there be a chance to come here next time if everything goes so smoothly?

This regret is the Longnice hot spring in Beitou! In fact, it can’t be said to be a pity. It’s just that there is no luck and fate. Everything is an arrangement of fate. Without it, there may be better choices. Don’t undermine the meaning of travel just because the journey is a little bit unsatisfactory. Relax. And happiness.

In retrospect, it is also a kind of memory. I only thought of going to Beitou the day before the trip. The final confirmation was still made at the moment before departure. It is very casual. In this case, there will be no planning and appointment. , I just take one step and count one step. I only have a general idea. What I can do after I get to Beitou, one of which is to take a hot spring. Otherwise, I feel like I didn't go when I came to Beitou!

I remember the last time I went to the hot springs in Beitou, it was more than ten years ago. I can't even remember which hot spring I went to. It was too difficult for me to find a hot spring bath. (So it's the hot spring bath that the family is looking for)

The Longnice hot spring is the oldest surviving Japanese-style hot spring bath in Beitou hot spring area. It has a history of 100 years. It is really not easy to protect it and continue to operate. Maybe you can feel the atmosphere of the years in it.

Its location is very easy to find. It is surrounded by modern buildings, which are much taller than it. Its architectural appearance is hard to ignore its existence. This sense of Japanese style is still from the past. In the end, although it has been restored, it can be regarded as a historical relic. You can see many elders come here to bathe. Are all Beitou people here?

Closed every Wednesday, other times 6:30-21:00.

Public hot spring: Fee: NT 150 / per person

There are also hot springs for two persons and family hot springs

 (please check Longnice official website for prices and times)

*Only available on-site waiting, it is a nude hot spring.

We didn't actually soak in the hot spring in the Longnice hot spring this time, is it a pity? Fortunately, after all, I am not particularly used to naked hot springs, but I am curious about what it looks like and how long the Japanese baths in the past are. That’s what I am interested in. Soaking in hot springs or not soaking in hot springs is not the most important thing. The important thing is to feel the feeling of the past.

And you can’t take photos and record it inside. It is very important to protect personal privacy. You can only look at its photos on its website. Maybe there will be a chance to go someday in the future, but it’s better to go early, especially from Those who go to Beitou from other places are not as close as the locals.


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